March 31, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Opening Day

49er16: I love how this is actually the third "opening day" for baseball. Yeah I'll just pretend that those games in Australia and last night in San Diego never happened. I also love how the Dodgers have played 3 games before anyone else.

The Colonel: MLB is so clumsy in these situations. With the NFL opening night is an event. Ditto for the NBA. MLB is like well here's "Opening day in Australia." Here's "Opening night". And here's "Opening day". So very clumsy and so very MLB. They can't get out of their own way. Does anyone care baseball is starting? Did anyone care that it started last night in San Diego? They can't even do opening day correctly.

49er16: I don't know why, but I'm bothered that Oakland, Anaheim, and Arizona don't have "opening days". They play their home openers at night. That's one thing I'm going to change when I'm commissioner one day. Every team will play during the day on "opening day".

The Colonel: Yeah I don't get why those teams have to be different. On the other hand I'm happy the Giants game will be on during an hour when I can watch so there is that.

49er16: Okay I have to ask, why do people get up in arms when a player like Miguel Cabrera signs a huge contract? Just for they can hurry up and write their "the Tigers are going to regret this" column and then point back to it in a few years when Cabrera starts declining? Who cares how much money he's going to get. As long as your team isn't signing that deal don't worry about it.

The Colonel: People love saying "I told you so" especially when it comes to contracts. I'm with you there, as long as Cabrera isn't signing that deal with the Giants then I don't care. And you know what, the Tigers will probably get their money's worth for the first 5 years before the decline. You can't really complain about that.

49er16: It is going to be interesting down the line what a contract like that does for future CBA talks. This feels kinda like baseball's Kevin Garnett $126 million dollar contract moment. The kind of deal that leads to lockouts or strikes.

The Colonel: That was actually one of my predictions. Baseball is due for a strike or lockout and a contract like that is what starts them. I know people will say that local TV deals will counterbalance a deal like that but still the TV money is a bubble that is about to burst. The money train runs out and there's always breaking points.

49er16: Looking at the schedule for these opening series' and I gotta be honest, there's only like two series' I'm looking forward to. Detroit vs Kansas City and Cincinnati vs St. Louis. A lot of meh after those two though.

The Colonel: Here's another thing that pisses me off about "opening day". Not every team is starting the season on Monday. The Yankees-Astros don't start their seasons until Tuesday! Like I said, MLB is fucking clumsy when it comes to opening day.

49er16: I forgot about stupid Interleague. I was looking at the schedule and saw Texas vs Philadelphia and was confused. I hate Interleague. I hate that we have to start the season with a freaking Interleague series. I hate everything about it.

The Colonel: I wonder what kind of reaction Lee will get returning to Texas? He's lucky Nolan Ryan isn't around anymore to shoot lasers at him with his eye balls.

49er16: Anything else we're looking forward to this week? Any series or matchup?

The Colonel: I'm personally not because the season is so long and everything needs to start playing out. The initial excitement of baseball always ends quickly for me when I finally realize the season is super long. I just want the starting pitchers to stop being injured. That's all I ask for.

49er16: I'm looking forward to the first use of the replay system. You just know Maddon is going to be the first person to use it and he'll win and everyone is going to talk about how smart he is.


49er16: Have a fun opening day, folks.

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  1. It's funny how many people complain about all the different opening days. Pretty much everyone hates how baseball opens their season now.