October 1, 2013

A Look Back At Our MLB Predictions

At the beginning of the year The Colonel and I made predictions before the start of the MLB season. How bad were they? Let's take a look.

The Colonel

1. Teams Will Stop Paying High Prices for Japanese Talent and Look Elsewhere in Asia: I'm wrong here because there's a pitcher in Japan named Tanaka that has MLB front office people going crazy. I still think we'll see other Asian players from Korea and Taiwan.

2. The AL West Won't Be As Good As Thought: The A's were good. The Rangers faded. The Angels were never competitive. So I guess you can say I get half credit here.

3. The Astros Won't Be As Bad As Everyone Thinks: Boy I was wrong here. I was really wrong. They lost their final 15 games. They receive the first overall pick again for the third straight year. They were horrible. Beyond horrible.

4. Nothing Will Still Be Done About The A's And San Jose's Territory Rights: San Jose had to take the fight in their own hands because MLB still had done nothing about this.

5. The MLB Players Union Will Try To Grab Back Some Power From the Owners: The union is fighting back against this ARod suspension and that's a start. I still believe something will be done about draft compensation to prevent another Kyle Lohse situation.

6. The Yankees Won't Make The Playoffs: Enjoy the offseason, New York.

7. Manny Machado Is Going To Have A Big Year: He definitely improved but his ISO power was down from last year and his OBP is still below average. I hated seeing him injuring his knee to end the season. Hopefully he can comeback next year and completely healthy.

8. There Will Be 1000 fawning articles on the Rays front office and Joe Maddon: People love them some Joe Maddon.

9. The DH Is Coming For the National League: I'm wrong as of right now but I still believe it's coming. I believe one of Selig's last acts as commissioner next year will be to convert the NL to a DH league.

41/2 out of 9 correct


1. The Blue Jays Won't Win The AL East: They not only didn't win the AL East but they finished dead freaking last. Too much Marlins stink on them.

2. Fredi Gonzalez Will Be Fired Mid-Season: Gonzalez was not only fired by mid-season, the Braves had basically wrapped up the NL East by mid-season.

3. After Enough Complaining About the Astros Sucking, MLB Will Finally Tweak The Unbalanced Schedule: Nope. The unbalanced schedule is coming back for another season.

4. Either The Pirates or Royals Will Make The Playoffs: I was correct here. The Pirates made the playoffs and the Royals were in contention all season long.

5. The Orioles Won't Regress As Bad As PECOTA Is Projecting: They regressed but not as bad as PECOTA projected.

6. If Mike Trout Struggles For Only A Couple Of Games, Writers Are Going To Make A Big Deal About His Weight: Josh Hamilton was so bad to start the year that Trout was basically ignored and then he had another Trout superhuman season.

7. Deadspin and Yahoos! Jeff Passan Will Continue To Write About The Marlins All Season: Kinda hard not to write about the Marlins this season. Between Loria's meddling and Tino Martinez being fired in the middle of the year for being abusive, the Marlins stayed in the news all year long.

8. There Will Be 1000 fawning articles on the Rays front office and Joe Maddon: OMG JOE MADDON IS SO INCREDIBLE.

5 out of 8 correct

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