February 24, 2014

Talkin' Baseball: Bitter Phillies, The Dodgers, & Nelson Cruz

49er16: This story about the Phillies ratting out a college player who didn't sign with them and returned to college might be the most Reuben Amaro Jr./Phillies front office story ever. And yes I agree college players should be allowed the option to talk to an agent and still be eligible to return to college, but still how badly does the Phillies look now?

The Colonel: I liked their statement, "Yeah we ratted him out and that's all we have to say." Like you said this might be the most RAJ/Phillies front office story ever. And only the Phillies could piss off agents for future college players.

49er16: I can see their thinking, "we'll do a good deed and rat out this guy for using an agent". And then they're like crap, "now players/agents won't negotiate with us". They react before thinking on almost everything when making a move. They're almost like children that way. They don't think of the consequences before acting.

The Colonel: Speaking of acting before thinking, you gotta love Zack Greinke's response about playing in Australia. "Yeah I'm not excited about playing in Australia." I'm mean Greinke is correct but his honesty just continues to make him look like the prick he is. I'm sure the Dodgers are really EXCITED he spoke honestly.

49er16: I could see Magic Johnson or one of the Dodger owners thinking to themselves after hearing about Greinke and thinking, "Shut up Zack! Just lie and privately complain about this trip." I know we can't really criticize Greinke because of his anxiety issues, but he does come off as a giant prick.

The Colonel: Just because he has anxiety issues doesn't mean he can act like the asshole that he is. He's always acted like a jerk.

49er16: Speaking of the Dodgers, did you see this story about Puig showing up to camp 26 pounds heavier than when he ended last season. I'm sure it won't be a big problem but oh boy if he starts the season slowly this is going to morph into a big story.

The Colonel: Oh I can see the #HotSportsTakes from Bill Plashke now if he starts the season slowly. "Yasiel Puig's fast life has included being ticketed and too much food. The Dodgers were too fast making him the face of the franchise."

49er16: And then the Puig week continue by Mattingly inadvertently making the Dodgers better by saying, "Puig isn't a RBI guy so he'll probably bat leadoff." That stupidity will probably inadvertently help the Dodgers at the end of the day. His speed and power at leadoff?

The Colonel: That's what you call lucking into a better situation.

49er16: I loved the Nelson Cruz signing by the Orioles. Taking a 1 year flier on him could really help their lineup. And if he doesn't work out, oh well he doesn't have to be around more than a season. I can see him having a big year though leading the Orioles signing him to a bigger more hurtful deal.

The Colonel: That's called the "Brian Sabean move". Sign a guy to a 1-year deal. That guy has a big year. Sign him to an extension. Watch him fall apart while collecting big paychecks. Aubrey Huff perfected this move with Brian Sabean.

49er16: Anything else we need to hit on for the week?

The Colonel: Nope. Spring training games start this week and yes I cleared my schedule for Wednesday to listen to the Giants game. Jon & Dave are back!

49er16: Have a good week, folks.

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