February 21, 2014

This Week in the NBA: 2/17-2/21

Trade Deadline: The trades that went down.

Sacramento send Marcus Thornton to Brooklyn for Jason Terry and Reggie Evans: Brooklyn has now taken on another horrendous contract for a player who contributes so little. Good job, good effort Brooklyn.

Golden State acquires Steve Blake from the Lakers for Kent Bazemore and Marshon Brooks: My favorite part of this trade is that Blake isn't happy about spending time away from his wife and kids. You know because Oakland is so far away from Los Angeles. He must really think Golden State is a real state he has to go to and it ain't anywhere near Los Angeles.

Sacrament acquires Roger Mason from the Heat for cash: The Maloofs may be gone, but their type of trades for cash is still alive and well in Sacramento.

Cleveland acquires Spencer Hawes from the Sixers for 2 second round draft picks and Earl Clark: The east is so crappy a team like the Cavaliers can go from sellers at the deadline to buyers over just one six game winning streak. Hawes becomes a free agent after this season so this deal does give the Cavs some cap space.

Milwaukee sent Luke Ridnour and Gary Neal to Charlotte for Ramon Sessions and Jeff Adrien: Charlotte improving their lineup for a sweep against Indiana in the playoffs. Milwaukee meanwhile begins their rebuild.

Nuggets ship Andre Miller to Washington, Nuggets get Jan Vesely, Philadelphia gets Eric Maynor and two 2nd round draft picks: The real winner of this deal is Jan Vesely's girlfriend who now gets to walk around Aspen. Oh and I guess Washington gets a backup point guard for John Wall.

San Antonio traded Nando De Colo to Toronto for Austin Daye: Knowing the Spurs, Daye will morph into a competent wing player for them.

Indiana traded Danny Granger to Philadelphia for Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen: Turner is in that Rudy Gay category where both advance stats and advance stats writers hate him. Like Gay though Turner has a chance to turn around his career with a different team. He won't be asked to do as much and will have better teammates around him. He could a huge difference maker for the Pacers in the playoffs.

Dwight Howard joins Laker fans in mocking Dwight Howard: Last night Dwight Howard returned with the Rockets to Los Angeles to give the Lakers a beating. He then joined the Lakers fans in chanting "Howard sucks".

Can Orlando Acquire a Superstar: Zach Lowe takes a look at if the Orlando Magic can acquire with their cap space or draft picks. The Magic already have nice pieces like Olidapo and Nikola Vucevic but they'll need more. The Magic will have plenty of draft picks (they have the Lakers, Sixers, and Knicks draft picks in upcoming drafts) but the Magic will have to make their own high draft pick this season count. They can't go the path of Cleveland and pick busts. The Magic also have cap space but who could they pick up? It's going to be fascinating watching Orlando rebuild in these coming years.

The Best of the Week: A look at the best upcoming games in the NBA.

Friday, February 21st, San Antonio at Phoenix: I would love nothing more than seeing these two teams battling in the playoffs again.
Sunday, February 23rd, Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City: Both teams point guards are returning from injury and the exact right moment. I still like OKC to advance further than Los Angeles.
Tuesday, February 25th, Chicago at Atlanta: I had to pick another game to talk about.......
Wednesday, February 26th: Houston at Clippers: Houston is a fascinating team to watch because they play some nights like they're not even motivated. Will that carry over to the playoffs?

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