February 25, 2014

Professor Showalter Demands That You Know Who Frank Robinson Is

You might not know who Josh Hart is. He's a 2nd round pick out of a Georgia high school by the Baltimore Orioles. He was born in 1994, the same year as my brother, meaning he's only 20 years old and by the time he grew up former Oriole Frank Robinson was no longer relevant in baseball. At least to him. So ole Buck Showalter is going to change that.

Now does Buck make him write the report single spaced or double? And what kind of font? Not the big kind that all of us kids tried to get away with, right? Definitely with one inch margins, right? And how closely does Buck check the work for plagiarisms? We need more detail on this because I'm more curious about this right now than I am about the spring training games that are about to start this morning in Florida.

(Via Big League Stew)

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  1. Buck was an English major in college, wasn't he?