January 14, 2014

Too Bad The Ref Wasn't Joey Crawford

The Utah Jazz creepy mascot (aren't they all creepy?) decided to do a little dance with an NBA referee last night. The ref took it in stride and at least didn't hit the mascot like Charles Barkley did back in the day to the Denver Nuggets mascot.

Could you imagine if this happened to Joey Crawford? How mortified/angry would he have been? He doesn't like the kids who wipe down the floors imagine what he would have done if this happened to him? Would he have given the Utah Jazz a team technical? Would that surprise you if that happened?

(Via SB Nation)


  1. Joey Crawford probably forfeits the game to Denver if the mascot does that to him.

    1. Of course, maybe Mark Ayotte just has a mascot fetish: http://www4.pictures.gi.zimbio.com/Mark%2BAyotte%2BNew%2BOrleans%2BHornets%2Bv%2BMilwaukee%2B1e7T_oqzfHjl.jpg

    2. He's the only person with a mascot fetish.