January 13, 2014

Talkin' Sports: NFL Playoffs

49er16: Well what did you think of that Niners victory? Kaepernick was just good enough to beat Carolina though he was inaccurate most of the day. That worries me against Seattle who's defense is much better than Carolina's.

The Colonel: One thing I found fascinating with that game was how many calls the Niners got. Makes me wonder if the refs don't want to hear Harbaugh complain so they throw flags to shut him up? If that's the case then the Niners should get a lot of flags against Seattle's secondary.

49er16: I'm still worried about that game. Kaepernick is just too inaccurate to take this team to a championship. He can make long throws, throws that Alex Smith could never make, but man can he make some bad throws and lock into a receiver without reading the entire field. I wouldn't be surprised if Seattle picks him off a couple of times on Sunday.

The Colonel: I think the only thing we'll know for sure about next week's game is that it should be close. Now the last two games for the Niners in Seattle the games haven't been close but the defense has been outstanding and the offense can move the ball it's the red zone that gives them problems. That game I would bet ends with the victory of only 3 points by either side.

49er16: I know Seattle's offense hasn't exactly been stellar lately but I have that feeling that Wilson is going to go off in this game. I hope I'm wrong but that's the feeling I'm getting right now. And we're going to see a million shots of smug/smiling Pete Carroll and we're all going to hate them.

The Colonel: I love how New England has one good game running the ball and everyone is like, "NEW ENGLAND IS A POWER FOOTBAW TEAM NOW! THEY HAVE SPEED AND GIRTH TO RUN OVER ANYONE." When in reality Indy's run defense was horrible in the playoffs. They let someone not named Jamal Charles run all over them in the first playoff game. New England isn't some power running team now just because Blunt is huge.

49er16: I want New England to lose so badly on Sunday. I couldn't stand two weeks of hype over New England's white guy receivers. "OH THEY'RE SO GRITTY", gag me with a fucking spoon. Thankfully that game will be played in Denver and not New England.

The Colonel: Oh man if Denver loses that game.....................I can only imagine how big of beating Manning will receive while New England gets their balls massaged by the press corps for always winning. I've never rooted for Manning before but I'm rooting for him on Sunday.

49er16: I have a feeling though New England will win that game handily. San Diego moved the ball on Denver's defense when they weren't playing conservatively which was most of the game. I could see New England going up-tempo and Denver failing to stop them. I could even see them running the ball down Denver's throats.

The Colonel: Yeah I think New England could play either style offensively and win.

49er16: Quickly: How about them Kings? 3 straight victories and they're averaging like 109 points per 100 possessions. Too bad they give up 1,000,000 points per 100 possessions but still.

The Colonel: The Kings aren't boring bad and that's good enough for me right now.

49er16: Do you have anything to add about this upcoming week?

The Colonel: Other than creating a time machine and transporting me to Sunday, nope.

49er16: Have a good week, folks.


  1. Too much "the Niners are the best team right now" talk for me.

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