January 20, 2014

Talkin' Sports: GO BRONCOS!

49er16: This ride the Niners have been on the past three years have been fun, but man have we've been punched in the gut a lot. And worst of all we were punched in the gut by Richard Sherman which lead to a smiling Pete Carroll. It's going to take a while to get over this.

The Colonel: Oh my God the hate Kaepernick is going to receive will be incredible. He killed the Niners with those two INTs to end the game. Especially that first one. That second one, gulp, was a nice play by Sherman to knock it in the air. I just wished the Niners would have found Davis more often.

49er16: It's amazing to me how well Seattle makes tight end's disappear. Graham last week and now Davis. Thankfully Denver doesn't have a tight end of importance.

The Colonel: I'm fascinated about the Twitter reaction after Sherman's postgame People are on either sides, like usual, with "at least he isn't cliched and y'all are racists if you hated that" and "that wasn't classy" reaction to it. Everything about that postgame tirade tells me why I do hate Twitter. Instant reaction is bad for both sides.

49er16: My problem with Sherman and why I love someone like Steve Smith is how they come off. Sherman comes off as a petulant child. The type of kid who picks on fat kids because they can't do as many push ups as him. I mean it's not like Crabtree said he sucked on Thursday. He just didn't think Sherman was the best corner in the league (and I agree with him as long as Revis is still playing). Smith only talks junk when he's been legitimately dissed like when that idiot on the Rams talked junk about his wife. That's personal, not petulant.

The Colonel: Sherman's Stanford education definitely works against him as well. I'm pretty sure in a different life he was Christian Laettner stomping on that Kentucky player's chest. There's something about being privately educated that just makes you come off as douchy. And I include everyone who has graduated from a private school.

49er16: I like how he went to Stanford and came away with a "communications" degree. I went to a Community College and came away with the same degree. So please people telling me that Sherman is special because he went to Stanford, go away. A communications degree from any school is barely a step above an "underwater basket weaving" degree.

The Colonel: So what do you think of the Super Bowl matchup? Seattle's secondary doesn't scare me, it's their front that scares me against Denver. I can easily see them turning Manning into happy feet Manning in the Super Bowl.

49er16: That's my worry as well. I could see them getting pressure and all of a sudden Manning is either sailing passes or taking sacks. I know Denver is favorite right now, but I would absolutely bet money on Seattle.

The Colonel: That money line is going to change a lot running up to the game. The only thing we know for sure is that the line will be close. Wouldn't surprise me if it ends up at -1 for either sides. Vegas going to be busy this week and next.

49er16: Have you called your bookie yet?

The Colonel: Nah I'll wait until next week after I get paid. I'm not going to be a ton of money on the super bowl though. Keep the bets light, then if if you lose you don't lose badly and can live on for tomorrow.

49er16: Anything else we need to talk about?

The Colonel: I got nothing.

49er16: Have a good week, folks.


  1. Bitter defeat that goes up there with the 90 NFC Championship game for me.

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