January 3, 2014

This Week in Basketball: 12/29-1/3

Toronto Is Better Without Rudy Gay: In not shocking news the Toronto Raptors are better without Rudy Gay. Zach Lowe looks at the numbers and sees that the Raptors actually pass the ball more per possession and this has lead an improvement in Toronto including the Raps leading the pathetic Atlantic Division. Lowe was fair to Gay saying he's been much better in Sacramento. My theory is that Gay was just a bad fit in Toronto and he expected to do too much there. Rudy is better when he realizes he's just another scoring option on a team instead of the star like he thought in Toronto.

Now This is Anger: At the end of the Timberwolves-Mavericks game it appeared that Kevin Love was fouled at the end of the game on a last second 3-point attempt. When you see the replay you will see Love was fouled but the ref swallowed his whistle. When the Timberwolves saw that the refs swallowed their whistle he kinda lost his shit. Listen:


Knicks Update: Your Knicks update this week is that the Knicks released Chris Smith, brother to JR. If you don't know Chris Smith's back story he was signed to sweeten a deal to bring back JR Smith because the Knicks are the Knicks. Chris Smith isn't very good so the Knicks had to release him to make some depth on their bench. Well that made JR send out this cryptic tweet that pretty much everyone is sure is a shot at the Knicks. If this guarantees JR to shoot more 3's then the Knicks should sign and release Chris Smith more often.

Lebron as the Best Power Forward in the Game?: Andrew Lynch at Hardwood Paroxysm makes the case that Lebron James is the best power forward in the game. Well Lebron is certainly the best player in the game, but is he really a power forward? Lebron to me is in that Magic Johnson category for me personally in that he doesn't have a definite position. He can be all to everything.

Best and Worst Free Agent Moves: Jeff Zillgitt of USA Today looks at the best and worst free agent moves of the offseason so far. No surprise Dwight Howard is one of the best while Andrew Bynum (Cavs) and Josh Smith (Pistons) are the worst. Monta Eillis is easiest the most surprising good free agent signing proving once again a player like Ellis and Gay need a certain coach and teammates to be effective.

Tyreke Evans Is Looking Good: I didn't have many emotions when Tyreke Evans left the Kings to sign a ridiculous contract with the New Orleans Jazz Hornets Pelicans. He never improved since his monster rookie year, got hurt a lot, and stalled the Kings offense (it isn't a coincidence both Demarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas are having big offensive seasons this year without Evans). So I'm not sad that Evans is gone but I'm happy he's been on a roll lately in New Orleans. He hit a game-winner on Monday against Portland and is playing surprisingly well. He's still way overpaid and still hasn't improved his offensive game at all. Wish you well Tyreke but I'm glad I don't have to watch you every night.

Cavs and Lakers Making a Gasol-Bynum Trade?: Probably because you were watching New Year's Day college football games this news slipped underneath the cracks for you. The Lakers are thinking about trading Pau Gasol to Cleveland for Andrew Bynum then releasing Bynum to clear salary space. Well those plans have stalled according to Eye on Basketball. Too bad because I would have loved to see the Lakers clear salary space, make a run at LeBron James, and get turned down because Lebron doesn't want to play with Kobe Bryant.

Games of the Week: A look at the best upcoming games coming up this week.

Friday, January 3rd, Golden State at Atlanta: Not the greatest slate of games this week, but an intriguing game between Atlanta and Golden State to start the year. Al Horford is injured at the moment but the east is so bad Atlanta will probably still make the playoffs.

Saturday, January 4th, Clippers at San Antonio: Always a great team when these two teams play because it's the Clippers athleticism vs the Spurs smarts and guile.

Tuesday, January 7th, Phoenix at Chicago: Phoenix is the surprise team of the year because they actually have one of the best backcourts in the league with Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe. Top if off with improved play by the Morris twins and you see why they're so good.

Wednesday, January 8th, Dallas at San Antonio: I just like watching San Antonio and I don't apologize for it.

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  1. The thing that gets me about Evans is that most players get better after having great first seasons. Most. Evans never did and in fact regressed because he never got better shooting and he got hurt a lot.