January 6, 2014

Talkin' Sports: NFL Playoffs

49er16: Well what did you think of today's game? It was personally everything I hate about Harbaugh/Roman call games and you can see where David Shaw gets his conservatism.

The Colonel: That first possession when they did two straight play-action rollouts and they both didn't work gave me a flashback to the Super Bowl. Hey fellas call a different play, that one isn't working. It drives me nuts about this coaching staff. They also play too much not too loose instead of going for the win.

49er16: I love when they start games with two field goals and then let the opposing team to take the lead off a touchdown after one possession. That's not the first time they've done that this season. So how do you feel about them this coming week? I feel pretty good because Carolina didn't look especially special when they first met.

The Colonel: I like their chances more against Carolina than I did against Green Bay. Newton hasn't been that special this season. It'll still be a close game because of the Panthers great defense. I still like the Niners to win that game. How badly does New Orleans lose to Seattle?

49er16: I'm trying not to get too excited about the Saints victory on Saturday but I don't believe they'll be blown out in Seattle like they were earlier this year. I still think they'll lose to Seattle though. They needed a last minute field goal to beat a happy to be there Philly team.*

*Probably a bad omen for the Niners since they needed a last minute field goal to beat a happy to be there Green Bay team.

The Colonel: I was watching the Cincinnati-San Diego game and I kept thinking where do the Bengals go from here? Third year in a row they've been beaten in the Wild Card round, this time at home. Clearly Andy Dalton falls into the "good enough to lose you a game" category while Marvin Lewis always looks perpetually lost.

49er16: I don't know where you go if you're the Bengals? Can't exactly dump Dalton because he has gone to the playoffs three straight years. Ditto for Marvin Lewis. I guess you just bite your lip and hope you can make the playoffs again and move on.

The Colonel: Yeah they're stuck. Kinda of like being in a sexless marriage. Yeah you're married, but you don't really love each other.

49er16: How badly do you think CBS wants a Denver-Indianapolis AFC Championship Game? It wouldn't shock me if they send Triplette to either Denver or New England next week.

The Colonel: Maybe the NFL will hire Dick Bavetta for the week.

49er16: How much hyperbole will Luck receive this week?

The Colonel: All of it for his gross self.

49er16: Looking forward to anything this week or are you going to be your normal grumpy self.

The Colonel: My normal grumpy self.

49er16: Have a good week, folks.

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  1. Cincinnati is in a Jay Cutler/Chicago situation. Can't start over, can't move on.