January 2, 2014

Looking Back at My 2013 NFL Predictions

I thought it would be fun looking back at my NFL predictions and nope. My NFL predictions were horrible. I mean really bad, like I basically just got one prediction right. Hell one of my predictions was wrong today since Jay Cutler re-signed with the Bears. I can't believe they were that bad but thank goodness I didn't bet money on them. Here's a relook.

The Arizona Cardinals Won't Be The Surprise Team: Right off the bat I got one wrong. Not only were the Cardinals the surprise team, but they would have won pretty much every division in football except the NFC West, NFC South, AFC North, and AFC East. If they had a QB who is just a little bit better than Carson Palmer then they're in the playoffs and probably one of the more dangerous teams in the postseason.

Ron Rivera Will Be The First Coach Fired: He teetered on the edge at first and then transformed into RIVERBOAT RON. Amazing. He'll probably win coach of the year and I look like a fool.

This Will Be Jay Cutler's Last Season in Chicago: He signed a new contract with the Bears this morning so I was wrong again. I believe both Cutler and Chicago though had to do this as a default. Where would have Cutler gone and what were the Bears options? This is like one of those couples that stay together even they don't love each other for the sake of the children. He'll be released within 3 years of that deal.

RG3 Will Get Shanahan Fired: You could see this coming from a mile away ever since that playoff game against Seattle. There was just no way that A) RG3 would be healthy enough to play this season and B) that the blame wouldn't go straight to Shanahan. The Red Lobster did a lot of damage himself, but it was a combination of a shitty team and RG3 that got him fired.

The Broncos Will Win The AFC West by Default: I get partial credit here. The Broncos did win the AFC West but it wasn't by default. It can't be by default if both the Chiefs and Chargers make it to the playoffs.

The Colts Won't Make The Playoffs This Season: It pains me to say this, but Andrew Luck is really good. Look at the players surrounding him on that team. Reggie Wayne missed most of the season. Trent Richardson is better at having 3-ways than running in the NFL. He doesn't have a Jimmy Graham at Tight End or even a Anquan Boldin at receiver. Amazing job by Luck this season.

The AFC North Will Be A Grease Fire: It was a grease fire and I include Cincinnati here despite them winning 11 games. 11 games? How the hell did Cincinnati win 11 games? Doesn't it feel like they snuck into the playoffs with a 9-6 record? This division was a grease fire though between Mike Tomlin's sideline antics to Baltimore not even making the playoffs after winning the super bowl.

The Patriots Will Win the AFC East, But It Won't Be Pretty: The Patriots won the AFC East and it was easier than I thought. I hope it's written down that when this Patriots era is over and Belichick and Brady have retired that the Patriots had by far and away one of the easiest paths to the playoffs year after year.

ESPN Won't Be Able To Help Themselves With The Jets: Because Mark Sanchez was hurt for the year and Rex Ryan didn't say anything crazy, ESPN mostly backed off the Jets this season. In fact the Jets were probably the most boring team in the NFL this year. Not good enough to pay attention to but not bad enough to make fun of.

Chiefs Fans Will Turn On Alex Smith by Week 10: Here's where I fucked up this prediction. Smith is just good enough to fool people into thinking he's good. He did it for 7 years in San Francisco and will do it in Kansas City. I should have remembered that.

The Niners Will Have To Score A Lot Because Their Defense Won't Be As Good: I had this prediction as just the opposite. It was the offense that couldn't score enough. The defense was just fine and better than I expected. Kaepernick was the one who regressed badly, not the defense.

Quick Predictions
Coaches Fired Midway Through the Year or After The Season: Dennis Allen (Raiders), Ron Rivera (Panthers), Ryan Ryan duh (Jets), Mike Shannahan (Redskins), and Jason Garrett (Cowboys): I was right about Shanahan and still waiting about the future of Garrett and Dennis Allen. I was wrong on Rex Ryan and Rivera.

QB's Benched Some Time This Season: Josh Freeman (Bucs), Carson Palmer (Cardinals), Sam Bradford (Rams), Geno Smith/Mark Sanchez (Jets), Jeff Tuel (Bills): I was right about Freeman. Bradford got hurt. Palmer did that Palmer thing where he was just good enough not to get benched. Sanchez never gave Smith a chance to be benched. Tuel never even played despite the Bills using 1000 different QB's this year.

And those were my crappy 2013 NFL predictions! Let's hope my MLB predictions will be better.

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