December 10, 2013

Video: Kings Have Some Globetrotters In Them

The Kings have been active in the trade market recently. Not only did they pick up Rudy Gay but they also picked up Derrick Williams last week from Minnesota. I'm not crazy for the Gay trade and I wasn't crazy for the Derrick Williams trade. Williams has always reminded me of Anthony Randolph. A super athletic player who really doesn't have a position and is actually a worst shooter than Randolph.

Now that Williams is with the Kings, I'm starting to come around to the fact that maybe, just maybe Williams was drafted by the wrong team in Minnesota. He's flourished so far in Sacramento including scoring a career high 31 points last night in Sacramento's victory over a very good Dallas team. And that's athleticism hasn't left Williams because he's still making plays like this.

I'll say this about the Kings this year so far, they don't have many victories but they have been competitive against the Clippers, Warriors, and Thunder and beat Dallas last night. They might not win many games this season but at least they're at lot closer and don't seem to be rolling over as often. I still hate the Rudy Gay trade though.

(Vid via Eye on Basketball)

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  1. I still don't believe he'll be anything special.