December 9, 2013

Talkin' Sports: BCS, 49ers & Kings

49er16: So what did you make of championship weekend in college football? Anything stand up to you? Is Auburn really that good (I don't think they are)? Are you happy with the BCS bowl games?

The Colonel: I think Florida State is going to blow out Auburn myself. They thrashed both Clemson and Duke this year and both of those teams are pretty good. As for the rest of the BCS games? The only two of them look good, Ohio State vs Clemson and Michigan State vs Stanford. The other BCS games, Bama vs Oklahoma and UCF vs Baylor, look like they're going to be blowouts. Haven't looked at the rest of the bowl schedule at the other games.

49er16: After watching the B1G championship, I'm still surprised Michigan State got no love from the BCS. They're dominate on defense and they're surprisingly good on offense. If there's any team that should complain about their standing in the BCS it's Sparty.

The Colonel: I'm kinda glad Auburn won on Saturday because once again we've would have gotten Bama in the championship game again because they never get punished for losses like other teams. And boy oh boy are they going to destroy Oklahoma in their game.

49er16: I gotta admit I don't feel good after the Niners victory on Sunday. The defense has played well beyond my expectations but woof that offense and Kaepernick. He's starting to do that McNabb thing where he throws the ball at the ground instead of the receivers chest. He just doesn't look good and he doesn't look good if there's pressure in his face.

The Colonel: Yeah that game didn't inspire much confidence from Kaepernick. And to be honest their red zone offense is horrendous and been horrendous during the Harbaugh years. He and Roman get a lot of credit, but man are they vanilla when the Niners get into the red zone. And I didn't like them settling for a field goal to end that game despite how much time was left on the clock.

49er16: Well to me that sent the message to the defense as, "hey you guys are playing well but we don't have enough faith you can stop Wilson with 2 minutes left". It also said, "I don't have much confidence Kaepernick can throw a TD here". It stunk and I don't have much faith in this team if they make the playoffs, even with how well the defense has played.

The Colonel: What did you think of the Kings trading for Rudy Gay? Bill Simmons smartly predicted this move would happen.

49er16: I'm glad they finally got rid of John Salmons and glad they didn't give up a first round pick or Thomas, but man is Gay bad. I can totally see him getting into a fight with Cousins after a game because of how many bad shots he takes. Just take a look at this graph from just one of his games! ------>

The Colonel: This trade just smells like, "well we could never get a Rudy Gay in free agency so let's trade for him and then give him a big extension because we're not getting any marquee free agents" move. And you just know they're going to offer him a big extension and he'll probably take it and the Kings are stuck with that contract.

49er16: Oh I'm already dreading that move. I thought they finally hired a smart GM? Who goes out and actually trades for Rudy Gay? It's just a perplexing move. Once again I'm happy they finally got rid of Salmons and Vasquez just isn't that good, but for Rudy Gay? In the words of the ESPN Monday night guys, "COME ON MAN!"

The Colonel: Speaking of the NBA, couldn't be more pumped for the Indian-Miami game. Too bad we're stuck with the local announcers instead of the TNT crew or Hubie Brown. Probably the most excited I've been for a regular season December NBA game in a long time.

49er16: Should be great. Anything else you're looking forward to?

The Colonel: Heisman debate?

49er16: Nope. Have a good week, folks.


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