November 15, 2013

I Wouldn't Have High Fived Them Either

Is there anything worse than Silicon Valley douches? I see them in the North Valley this time of year duck hunting because they're the only people dumb/rich enough to pay thousands of dollars to hunt for a stupid duck. Anyways if I was Iggy and I just hit a game-winner, I wouldn't have high fived them either.


  1. Seeing as how I'm the token Warriors fan among your blog comments, you are probably aware of the whole "team will lose all the 'real' fans if the SF arena gets built" argument going on. It's the A's fan "we have 10K real fans" meme carried over to the Warriors and it really annoys me. As this team either remains competitive or does indeed move to SF, prepare yourself mentally and physically for more people of considerable wealth to spend eleventy billion dollars for courtside seats.

    And if I had the means, I probably would have skipped the high five and just gone for the big bear hug but deep down I'm kind of a softie.

    1. I'm convinced they lost their "real fans" when Lacob bought the team and they became good. I'm sure the ticket prices are sky high.