November 18, 2013

Talkin' Sports: Woeful Niners, RG3, & The Chiefs

49er16: That Niners game was as depressing as I thought it would be when they went for the field goal instead of going for the touchdown. And that game ended about as predictable as can be. Niners can't get nothing going offensively, punt, Saints kick the game-winning field goal.

The Colonel: It didn't dawn on me until today but one of the reasons why I truly believe Kaepernick is struggling is that the offense is too overly complicated. The Niners are shifting, motioning, juking, and jiving before they take a snap. The Saints hardly motion at all. They just spread the field and every receiver has his pattern and they run them. No motioning, no audibles, just running their play.

49er16: Dilfer is right in that Kaepernick isn't reading the entire field. You see Boldin getting mad at him for not recognizing that he was open. Kaepernick is locking in on one receiver and throwing to him. He read the field much better last season and now he's regressing.

The Colonel: Now the question is why is Kaepernick not reading the whole field? Is there too much going on before the play and it's distracting him? Or is he truly regressing to whatever his mean was suppose to be?

49er16: What was his PECOTA score from Nate Silver?

The Colonel: Did you see these comments from RG3? Mike Shannahan better find a 2nd home in either Florida or Arizona fast because RG3 is going to cut him off at the knees and have Dan Snyder fed to the wolves.

49er16: How much you want to bet that Snyder hires the wrong coach again because he's never gotten a coaching job right except for Gibbs for that one season? Couldn't you see Snyder hiring some dictator like Saban or someone without a clue that is hopefully Greg Roman? And RG3 will never grow or win anything because they're owned by Snyder.

The Colonel: Kinda like how the Clippers will never win anything as long as Sterling is the owner and the Marlins/Loaria made a deal with the devil to get that championship in 03.

49er16: I can honestly say I'm surprised this (the image below) doesn't happen more often with players with long hair. That's one of the reasons why if I played in the NFL I would never grown hair that goes to my shoulder blades.

The Colonel: You'd have to be nuts to grow long hair in the NFL but with the way the rules are changing, that might be a penalty in upcoming years. Gotta protect the offensive players while not protecting the defensive players.

49er16: Did you see how that Chiefs-Broncos game basically ended? With a little over a minute left in the game and down by 10 points Alex Smith threw a 2-yard checkdown pass. Kaepernick has his faults but he ain't throwing 2-yard checkdowns with less than a minute left in the game while trailing. I'll still take Kaepernick over Smith anyday.

The Colonel: That game reminded me of everything about Alex Smith that I disliked. The checkdowns, the impossibility of coming back, the frustration of more checkdowns. Like you said, Kaepernick has his faults but I'd rather watch him take a delay of game penalty any day over Smith throwing a checkdown.

49er16: The Chiefs are basically a carbon copy of the 2011 49ers, right down to Smith. I could totally see them making it to the AFC championship game and losing to the Broncos or Patriots because Smith couldn't convert a third down*.

*Still bitter about 2011 and Smith's 1-for-12 third down performance.

The Colonel: The Chiefs are one of those teams that could lose in the first round or make it to the conference championship.

49er16: Any games you looking forward to this week?

The Colonel: Not really.

49er16: Have a good week then, folks.


  1. Another problem I see is that I think there's just too much language in their play calls. It takes Kaepernick forever to break the hudle because he has to read off a huge Roberto Bolano like sentence.

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