September 30, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: 3 One Game Playoffs

49er16: Can we just call today's Rays-Rangers game a playoff game? I know, I know it's technically game 163 but it's a playoff game. It's the play-in for the play-in game. And oh God I hope both of these teams lose if that's possible.

The Colonel: The stupid Blue Jays almost came *this* close to giving the Rays one of the worst collapses in a while. Dammit Blue Jays. The Rays came up big because JOE MADDON IS THE GREATEST MANAGER IS THE GREATEST MANAGER EVER EVEN THOUGH HE WAS KICKED OUT OF THE LAST GAME.


The Colonel: How about the Indians taking care of the dregs of the AL Central to win the home field wild card advantage. The Indians just owned the worst teams and were owned by the best teams. Let's just say I'm not betting money on the Indians in the playoffs.

49er16: They finished with a winning streak while the Astros finished the season losing 15 straight games. Anyways, who do you like in the playoffs?

The Colonel: I like the Tigers and Cardinals. Although I'm looking forward to the Braves-Dodgers series just to see the Braves get red-assed when Puig tosses his bat after a home run.

49er16: Oh man I'm looking forward to that. The Dodgers could win that series alone just by pissing off the Braves with their antics. I can only imagine how that team will react not only to Puig but Hanley Ramirez is one of the biggest shit talkers you'll see in baseball.

The Colonel: I would like the Dodgers in that series, but man they have too many injuries. No Kemp and no Either. Yes they have pitching, but do you really trust anyone after Kershaw and Greinke? Oh what am I talking about they're going to win that series because the Braves are the Buffalo Bills of baseball.

49er16: Oh I'm definitely looking forward to those red-asses in Atlanta flaming out. Wouldn't surprise me at all if they get swept. Kershaw and Greinke will be tough to beat three times in that series. Especially since that series ends in Los Angeles.

The Colonel: And what do we make of the Oakland Athletics? We've seen them play Detroit before and it hasn't ended well and this year's team doesn't have the strong pitching like they had last year. I'm rooting for them but I don't have much confidence that this is the year.

49er16: I honestly don't know what to make of them either. One thing they have in their advantage this season is that they have the home-field and Verlander hasn't been that great this season but the rest of their rotation is very good.

The Colonel: And that's the thing. I've always been convinced pitching beats everything in the postseason and luck.

49er16: Who gets the luckiest this postseason.

The Colonel: Hopefully not the Dodgers.

49er16: What series are you looking forward to? For me Detroit-Oakland, Atlanta-Los Angeles, Pirates/Reds-Cardinals.

The Colonel: I want to see the Rays die a horrible death tomorrow.

49er16: Enjoy the playoffs folks!


  1. CB Bucknor is the ump in the A's-Tigers series. Based on the A's luck the past 13 years, you just know something bad is going to happened to them in that series.

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