September 27, 2013

The Week in Baseball: 9/22-9/27

More Unwritten Rules Bullshit: I'll say this about the Atlanta Braves. If the Arizona Diamondbacks have the biggest collection of red-asses west of the Mississippi then the Braves have the biggest collection eat of the Mississippi and those red-asses were pissed at Carlos Gomez last night. Watch:

Grant Brisbee grades the unwritten rules in baseball and he gives Gomez a 9 and Brian McCann a 10 for blocking the plate preventing Gomez from crossing. Grant also created a great card at what Freddie Freeman yells at.
If the Braves are pissed at Carlos Gomez, what happens if they face Hanley Ramirez and Puig in the playoffs?

Hipster Pirates Fans Advice: Larry Granillo a long time Pirates fan and he has advice for fellow Hipster Pirates fans, don't chase away the bandwagon fans. Don't yell at new fans because they weren't around to root for Jason Bay during 100 loss seasons. Just sit back and enjoy the Pirates in the playoffs, please.

Ho Hum Another Good Year for Cole Hamels: Rob Neyer brings up something that probably everyone will miss because the Phillies have been bad, Cole Hamels is consistently a great pitcher. And Hamels had another great year for the Phillies again averaging two walks per nine innings with eight strikeouts. BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR US LATELY, COLE????

Jim Leyland Having a Grand Ole Time: The Detroit Tigers clinched the division title last night and Jim Leyland started blubbering like Sally Field at the Oscars. That wasn't the best moment though. The best moment was Leyland moonwalking away from the press conference with champagne spraying on his head with the finger gunz going.
Jeffrey Loria Loves Greg Dobbs: I don't get Jeffrey Loria, do you? And I mean I don't understand anything about Jeffrey Loria like his love for Greg Dobbs. Dobbs isn't even a regular player, he's a pinch hitter and he's not very good at that. And yet that didn't stop Loria from signing Dobbs to a one-year deal and as Rob Neyer brings up, why use a precious lineup spot for someone like Dobbs? Now tell me do you understand Jeffrey Loria?

Davey Johnson's Coaching Tree: Coaching tree's are talked about a lot in the NFL and even the NBA, but have you heard of a MLB coaching tree? I never had until yesterday when Jonah Keri brought up the fact that retiring manager Davey Johnson has a quite large coaching tree. Yeah sure some of the choices are horrendous but Ron Gardenhire, Clint Hurdle, and for a few years Bobby Valentine weren't that bad.

Series' of the Weekend: Looking at the series' that need to be paid attention to as the season wraps up.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati: This series will decide who gets home field for the one-game playoff. I'm sure MLB hopes Cincinnati wins home field advantage because both teams would just stay in Cincinnati. The Reds though will need two victories this weekend.

Tampa Bay at Toronto: Tampa Bay will probably still win the wild card and home field advantage but they can't get swept. Two losses and they're still probably in.

Cleveland at Minnesota: Cleveland took care of business against the bad White Sox. Take care of business against the Twins and they're in the playoffs. It's that simple.

Los Angeles Angels at Texas: Texas needs more help. They need either the Rays or Indians to lose and they need to take care of the Angels who are playing well right now to make the playoffs. They're still just one game out but they're not getting a lot of help by the end of the year schedule for Tampa Bay and Cleveland.


  1. That article makes we want to root against Pittsburgh even more.

    1. I'm rooting for anyone but the Dodgers and Braves in the NL.