September 24, 2013

Raise the Jolly Roger

1992 was the last time the Pittsburgh Pirates made the playoffs. Tim Wakefield was on that team as a rookie. Barry Bonds was still playing for the Pirates. Bill Clinton was elected President. What I'm saying is that was a long time ago. Well last night the Pittsburgh Pirates clinched their first playoff spot since 1992. And they clinched in one of the most dramatic ways possible. Take a look:

Raise the Jolly Roger Pittsburgh, the Pirates are heading back to the playoffs. Now the question is what do they go the playoffs as? They could still possibly go as the division champs. Or they can go as one of the wild card teams. They definitely have to keep the pressure on Cincinnati and at least have the wild card home field advantage even though that didn't matter in last year's wild card games. Either way congrats Buccos.

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