September 23, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: The Final Week

49er16: What happens first? The A's actually move on to the Championship series? Or the Oakland Coliseum actually figure out their plumbing problems? Or Lew Wolfe keeps his mouth shut and doesn't shame the fans about not showing up?

The Colonel: Um.......none of the above? Actually I think Wolfe keeps quiet during the playoffs. He stuck his foot in his mouth and knows it. He'll just shut and stew over the fact the A's will be once again in the playoffs in Oakland.

49er16: Oh God I hope Selig hands them the trophy and Wolfe complains on national TV about his stadium situation. That would be so perfect.

The Colonel: How about your Orioles and Pirates this weekend? They both had fine showings against division rivals and opposing wild card opponents. At least the Pirates managed to win one game. Baltimore couldn't even win one freaking game.

49er16: Yeah it's over for the Orioles and the Rangers. The Indians play both the Twins and White Sox this week. It's over for both of them. The Orioles could no longer win one run games and the Rangers have finally been revealed for the frauds they really are.

The Colonel: I'm actually amazed the Rangers have played as well as they have despite their team. Besides Beltre, Kinsler, Andres, and Darvish there really ain't much there. I wonder though how much they're going to spend in the offseason? They're a fascinating team in the offseason.

49er16: Speaking of the AL West, I love how the Angels held "Fan Appreciation" day and to show their appreciation for their fans the team unleashed bee's on the fans. They could have just killed Mike Trout in front of the fans like the Nazi's killing Andrea in front of Pinkman. (SPOILER!)


/Arte Moreno kills Mike Trout at home plate
//throws Angels fans into a pit

49er16: /Walter White comes back for revenge
//Walt Jr doesn't accept his Angels tickets
///Jesse cries

The Colonel: What did you think of the overreaction to the Dodgers celebrating in the Diamondbacks pool? I personally thought it was awesome because they did it in front of that red-ass gritty Diamondbacks team. I'm pretty sure Kurt Gibson killed an immigrant with Sheriff Joe to cool himself down.

49er16: Gibson, Sheriff Joe, and John McCain personally go down to the Colorado River and shuts off Los Angeles' water supply. But this happens after McCain talks about being a POW for the millionth time.

The Colonel: "You know the North Vietnamese army and Viet Cong never jumped into the Hanoi Hilton's pool as a sign of disrespect to the prisoners," McCain after shutting off the water supply and Sheriff Joe searches an innocent person.

49er16: "Willie Bloomquist certainly never would jump into the Hanoi Hilton's pool. Hell he would clean the pool personally," Gibson.

The Colonel: So what games are we watching this week?

49er16: Well we have to watch the Pittsburgh, Reds, Rangers, Rays, and Indians games. The Yankees and Orioles are done and the Natinals decided to make their run a little too late.

The Colonel: Natinals Fever: Come back next season for the excitement!

49er16: Have a good week, folks.

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  1. Oh jeez I busted a gut reading the McCain/Gibson/Sheriff Joe segment.