September 25, 2013

The Season Is Ending on a Thud

Two weeks ago. Hell last Friday it looked like the Wild Card races were going to be exciting in baseball. It looked like we had six possible teams vying for two Wild Card spots. Now, looks like we're only down to three teams. So what happened? Well there has been a variety of factors. Let's take a look at how each team's season is currently ending.

Baltimore: It's been a disastrous streak of games for the Baltimore Orioles. It started with that 18-inning loss to Tampa Bay on Friday and hasn't ended yet. The Orioles who were so good in 1-run games last season have shifted to the extreme spectrum in that category and has lost 3 games since Friday by 1 run. Manny Machado tore up his knee on Monday and the Orioles lost another extra innings game last night. Just a terrible stretch for Baltimore.

New York: I never really took them seriously in this case. Yeah sure they played a bad Giants team over the weekend and they did win two out of three games but still I never took them seriously. Then they lost on Mo Rivera day to the Giants and then they lost last night to the Rays. They're season is over.

Kansas City: Cute story like the Pirates but unlike Pittsburgh the Royals really never had a shot. Too inconsistent. They were shut out by the Mariners last night practically ending their season. Kansas City can take solace in the fact they'll finish the season over .500 with another year of (gulp) Ned Yost.

Texas: Frauds! Frauds! Frauds! I've looked at this team's roster all season and besides a couple of players I was astonished they've been as good as they've been this season. And then they predictably started to fail around the end of August and they've seen the A's bypass them and win the division again. Luckily for Texas they play both the Astros and Angels to finish the season. They'll need to win everyone one of those games to keep pace of the Indians.

Cleveland: Speaking of the Indians, they flat out own the team they're playing right now the Chicago White Sox. They beat the White Sox last night on a walkoff. They play the White Sox one more time and then they play Minnesota. The Indians right now have a one game lead over the Rangers. They just need to win four out of the last five and they should be in. Of course God hates Cleveland so that is easier than it sounds.

Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay controls their destiny. They're two games ahead of Texas and one game ahead of Cleveland. They play a New York team that is folding like a cheap suit and a Toronto team that just wants to finish the season. They should get into the playoffs unless something awful happens.

National League: It's over in the NL. The five playoff spots are wrapped up. Now we're just waiting to see who wins what spot in the NL Central and wild card spots.

And there you go. Besides a three teams in the AL and playoff position battles in the NL the season is basically ending on a thud. Oh well not every season can end as excitedly as it ended in 2011. Hopefully the one game playoff games give us something exciting.

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  1. I think it's pretty much over for all the AL Wild Card team except for Texas. And they still need the Indians to lose twice in the upcoming games against White Sox and Twins.