August 27, 2013

Video: Here Comes Cabrera

My favorite player in baseball has become Miguel Cabrera. I love Cabrera. I love that he's already won a Triple Crown and is creeping up to another because that drives Stat heads crazy that the older media members are so in awe of those numbers. With Chris Davis slightly cooling off, Cabrera is now three home runs shy of Davis in that race and if he passes Davis he could become the first player ever to win back-to-back Triple Crowns.

I'm in awe of Cabrera over how easily he hits opposite field home runs like that one. I don't remember Barry Bonds swatting home runs to the opposite field as easily as Cabrera can. It's just amazing to watch. I've probably seen Cabrera hit 7 opposite field home runs alone this year along with the ones he crushes to right and center field. He's flat out amazing to watch. I feel privileged that I'm at an age where I can watch Cabrera night after night because he is special.

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  1. Now Cabrera is a good reason to pay attention to the AL Central