August 26, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: Scherzer, NL Central & LOLMETS

49er16: Can I say one thing? 1 thing I probably despise the most about the sabermetric movement is the stat heads crapping all over someone having a good season because someone else is slightly better at FIP or WAR or oWBA. I get it, Max Scherzer shouldn't be judged solely on a W-L record, but he shouldn't be dismissed either because he has 19 wins already.

The Colonel: The thing that makes me laugh about the Scherzer debate is that Scherzer is right near the top in every category. This isn't a Chris Tillman situation where he has 15 wins but averages 3 walks a game and his FIP is really high. Scherzer is ahead of everyone in strikeouts except Darvish and in the top 10 of every stat you want. He deserves the Cy Young as much as anyone.

49er16: I get that you don't want to judge a guy solely on W-L record. I totally get that. But you listen to these statheads and you'd think Felix Hernandez is the greatest pitcher in the world and it's a joke that Scherzer is in the conversation. As I always say, I love sabermetrics hate the people who write about them.

The Colonel: Your Pirates are failing, including losing two in a row to the Giants. Their pitching is regressing at the exact wrong time. And when they lose games like they did today, they can't hit. Are you ready for a Reds division champs with the Cardinals and Pirates battling in St. Louis to be the Dodgers guinea pigs?

49er16: I hope they don't regress too badly..............Yeah I'm ready for a Reds division champs with the Pirates and Cards as Wild Cards. I'm also ready for the Braves to shit the bed again to either the wild card or NL Champs.

The Colonel: Like me eh and don't understand the Braves? That's a bad way to put it. I understand the Braves but just roll my eyes at them being contender.

49er16: I don't take them seriously at all for contenders. Yes they have a nice bullpen. Then you start looking at their rotation. Then you start looking at their lineup. You'll start to that guys are hurt, guys are inconsistent, guys are nonexistent. Am I really suppose to take them seriously just because they've gotten to beat up a weak NL East?

The Colonel: I wish we could just replace them with the Mets who are actually exciting to watch right now and that's without David Wright. Their pitching is outstanding and Ike Davis looks like the player who should be a superstar. I much rather see them right now than the Braves.

49er16: The Indians have been red hot since the Tigers stomped on them. If they don't play the Tigers the rest of the season they'll definitely be one of the wild card teams.

The Colonel: Also helps that the A's are in a tailspin. Like the Pirates they either pitch well and can't score or they can't pitch and score or all of above. But don't worry they'll get back Bartolo Colon who was finally starting to show his age before getting "hurt" when the Biogenesis stuff dropped.

49er16: And I'm sure Kurt Suzuki will help them. Man they've gotten a bunch of guys hurt at the wrong time and this isn't the time of the year Josh Donaldson to go into a slump. One thing for sure is that the AL is going to be crazy the next month.

The Colonel: Definitely for sure. There are going to be about 5 teams in the AL to keep tabs on while the season wraps up.

49er16: So what games are we watching this week?

The Colonel: Atlanta-Cleveland, Cincinnati-St. Louis, Oakland-Detroit, and Baltimore-Detroit. Quite a few good series' this week.

49er16: Much better than last week's dreadful matchup's.

The Colonel: I know you. You'll just watch Milwaukee-Pittsburgh games and ignore the rest.

49er16: I..............................................................

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  1. Speaking of regression, the A's pitching staff has taken a nose dive. Besides Parker, their starting pitchers have shit the bed recently. But I'm sure Brett Anderson and Bartolo Colon will help when they return............(rolls eyes)