August 28, 2013

Video: Pence Crushes One

Hunter Pence is about as average as it gets as a baseball player. Sure he's a fine fielder and base runner, but he's a hacker at the plate who has to hit for average to have an average OBP. He's been frustrating this season because he's been topping the ball and has had to beat out a lot of infield singles. Let's just say if the Giants sign him after the season is over to more than a 3-year deal, I'm going to be pissed.

Pence does hit home runs and when he hits home runs he usually crushes them. He hit one earlier this month in Florida that went over that centerfield sculpture thing. Last night Pence crushed one in Coors Field that was the longest of the year. And yeah I realize that's cheating because it was in Coors Field but still check out this big fly.

It cleared the bleachers! When do you ever see a home run clear the bleachers that isn't over the Monster or over the left field bricks in San Francisco? That was mightily impressive but I still hope the Giants don't re-sign Pence.


  1. Watch, Pence will get a long-term deal because Sabean gonna Sabean.

    1. That's what scares me. You just know Sabean is thinking, "I don't have a RF of the future, so I'm going to give him a 5-year deal." And oh Lord it's going to be disastrous.