August 19, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: Boring NL, Miguel Cabrera, & the NL Central

49er16: Whew the National League is boring. The NL West and East are wrapped up. The NL Central will go to either St. Louis or Pittsburgh with the Wild Card going to St. Louis or Pittsburgh with Cincinnati. There's no real reason to keep watching the NL at this point.

The Colonel: I guess you should watch to see how the NL Central plays out. The Pirates definitely don't want to have to play that wild card round against Cincinnati. Besides that though, yeah there's no reason to keep on watching the NL.

49er16: And I can't even talk about the Dodgers. I'm sick of hearing about how great they are and this streak they're on. Fuck them.

The Colonel: Talk about the Dodgers all they want, the Tigers are the team that looks unstoppable. Of course they were suppose to be unstoppable last World Series and look at how that turned out............ Miguel Cabrera is actually having a better year this season than last season which is just incredible to think about. He broke the Royals hearts this weekend.

49er16: I watched that Royals-Tigers game Saturday. Could that game have ended any other way? The Royals fuck up in the ninth inning by trying to bunt with two outs. Of course it fails and of course Miguel Cabrera leads off the bottom of the ninth with a leadoff game-winning home run. Thanks for coming Royals, enjoy Wil Myers tear up the league in Tampa Bay. Unbelievable.

The Colonel: What gets me about Cabrera is his ability to hit to the opposite field. I've probably seen him hit 5 opposite field home runs in the past 3 weeks. He does it with such ease and elegance that you're jealous of him. Jonah Keri already wrote a long post about how easily he knocks out inside pitches. He's reached the "Barry Bonds Principle" of just walk him every time he comes up to the plate.

49er16: So how do the Tigers shit the bed in the postseason this time? As long as they don't shit the bed against the Dodgers in the World Series I'll be happy.

The Colonel: Watch them lose again in the ALCS to the Rangers or get to the World Series and lose against a team like Pittsburgh.

49er16: Speaking of the Pirates, the NL Central sure has turned into a tire fire. Pittsburgh keeps losing to Colorado and Arizona while the Cardinals keep losing to the Cubs. And the Reds are still only 3.5 games out of first. No one in that division wants the crown.

The Colonel: The problem is the Pirates pitching is starting to regress while the Cardinals hitting is regressing. The Reds are too inconsistent. I still believe the Pirates will win that division and the other two will be the wild cards, but yeah that's not the funnest division to watch.

49er16: I'm rooting for the Pirates but man is that offense tough to watch. They're home run or bust. They remind me of the 2010 Giants except their starting pitching isn't as good. And you know what that means, boring baseball.

The Colonel: Boring baseball to us, turn your hair gray for the Pirates. I'm glad I'm not being tortured anymore by the Giants winning by the skin of their teeth.

49er16: So what series' do we need to watch this week?

The Colonel: Looks like the only must watch series is Tampa Bay-Baltimore. Everything else looks pretty meh.

49er16: Yeah not a good week for baseball matchups. Good week to catch up on the NFL and college football previews.

The Colonel: Time to catch up on some drinking.

49er16: Have a good week, folks.


  1. We started this convo too early in the day. I now want to get a crack in on Ryan Braun for saying the drug tester is a Cubs fan and a anti-Semite.

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