May 1, 2013

If You Can't Beat Them, Claim The Other Team Tried To Injure Your Player

Last night the Warriors were beaten by the Denver Nuggets and now have to return home to see if they can eliminate the Nuggets once again. The Nuggets played their best defense last night suffocating the lane and bumped and forced Steph Curry around screens. Don't tell that to Preacher Mark Jackson though because he firmly believes the Nuggets were purposely trying to injure Curry and he has inside info like a CIA agent.

Preach on Mark. If you can't beat them, claim the other team tried to injure your player. It definitely distracts from the fact that the Nuggets pushed back last night and finally adjusted on defense. And Steph Curry agreed with his coach.

A fired up Steph Curry must be the cutest thing ever. A stiff breeze would blow him over so of course someone is trying to injure him.

Steph had himself a night. Not only does he back his coach but he got into it with a fan after the game was over.

I love watching the Warriors lose and I love even more them crying foul instead of just putting their heads down and preparing for the next game. And if they think the Nuggets are physical, what's going to happen to them if they advance and play the Spurs or worse the Grizzlies?

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  1. Denver sports fans bring out the worst in all of us.

    (And I knew you would extract some schadenfreude out of this somehow).