April 30, 2013

Forever And Ever

Source: FanGraphs

The above graph is the illustration of the wild game played last night in Oakland. The Angels and A's just kept playing forever and ever. 19 innings were played before the A's Brandon Moss finally sent everyone home with a game-winning home run at 1 in the morning on the West Coast. There are some other stats from this game that need to be recognized though from this very long game. (Stats via the Yahoo! and Fangraphs boxscores)

- The A's had to make two comebacks last night with the game on the line. First in the 9th inning and next in the 15th inning.
- There were 5 home runs hit in the game including two hit by Albert Pujols and two hit by Brandon Moss including the game winner.
- Three centerfielders were injured in this game and had to leave: Coco Crisp, Chris Young, and Peter Bourjous.
- The Angels in essence received TWO quality starts out of pitchers last night: Starter Tommy Hanson and "reliever" Jerome Williams.
- Oakland STARTER Brett Anderson pitched 5.1 innings in relief
- Oakland reliever Jeremy Blevins had to hit for himself in the 18th inning. He struck out.
- Did I mention that this was an AL game with a DH? And that PITCHER Jeremy Blevins had to HIT FOR HIMSELF? Yep it was that kind of game.
- There was a total of 33 men left on base, 25 strikeouts, and 12 walks.
- Three different players totaled 27 at-bat's last night.
- The game lasted over 6 hours and was the longest played in both the A's and Angels history.

This is how it finally ended.


  1. I think I would rather watch 19 innings of that than 15 innings of the Mets & Marlins flailing around.

    1. Oh definitely. That Mets-Marlins game was a snoozer.

    2. Sort of similar to the game the Giants lost back in 2001 to the Diamondbacks that went 18 innings. The losing pitcher for the Giants that night? Ryan Vogelsong.


    3. He threw 3 innings of relief!

  2. Of course Josh Hamilton went 0-for-8 in the game with 3 strikeouts. He was probably still swinging his arms when he finally got to bed last night.