May 14, 2013

Commissioner For The Day

Cubs announcer Len Kasper penned a column on what he would do as the baseball commissioner for the day. Interesting concept and I liked some of his ideas but I got some ideas of my own and they may be a little more drastic. Here's what I would do as a commissioner for the day:

- I would work with the Umpires union on a compensation package to rid the league of the bad umpires. It doesn't have to be ugly, offer a generous package, and rid themselves of bad umpires or umpires with red hot tempers.

My list of umpires I would try to get rid of: Joe West, Angel Hernandez, Bob Davidson, Tim McClelland, Laz Diaz, and CB Bucknor.

Unlike the NFL and NBA, baseball also has a minor league system like the teams for the umpires and could easily replace umpires like West and Hernandez.

- Replay in baseball will be implemented for all calls with a 5th umpire in a box looking at the replay. Umpires wouldn't leave the field they would just call up to the booth like they do in college football.

- I would balance the schedule. 19 games against each divisional opponent is way too many. Make it 15 games against each divisional opponent with 5 three-game series' with one team receiving the extra home series and rotating every year.

- I would send Houston back to the NL and put Colorado or Arizona in the AL West like it should have been.

- Taking Kasper's idea of either ridding themselves of Interleague or devising a schedule where every team plays each other.

- Every team would be required to play a day game during the week for their get-away game. Only a handful of teams like the Giants and A's play day get-away games during the week to finish a series. This also makes the travel easier for teams that have to play a game the following day in a different city.

- I would end these idiotic blackout rules that we see in Iowa and North Carolina. I would also end the blackout rules on I pay a lot of money for and I want to watch the Giants on my phone despite living in their broadcast area.

I'm sure none of these ideas would work but I would give it a try.


  1. What are you talking about? McClellan is one of the best umpires working.

    1. That would be a favor to Jon Miller who complains about how slow McClellan is at calling balls and strikes.

  2. You have no idea how many times I've complained on Twitter about Giants/DBacks games being blacked out here in Utah. In the nearly 3 years I have lived in Salt Lake, I think I have met one DBacks fan and he was in town on vacation. Really obnoxious that 38 Giants games a season are blacked out online because of that.

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