May 15, 2013

MLB Classics

Because MLB has no idea how to promote stuff, very quietly MLB has uploaded entire games on YouTube recently with very little buzz. You can watch classic games like the one where Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig's longevity streak or classic championship series games and classic World Series games including the famous Jack Morris-John Smoltz duel. Here's my favorite classic game that MLB has uploaded.

Here are some of my favorite things about this video:

- Talk about the Cubs being destiny's team. This is funny because the Niners smoked the Bears in the NFC Championship game a few months prior when the Bears were called destiny's team.
- Marv Albert hosting the pregame for Vin Scully. Mike Schmidt appearing on the pregame and doing that Dennis Miller head bob thing.
- Tom Seaver basically creaming his pants talking about Will Clark's swing.
- Will Clark reading Greg Maddux's lips before hitting a grand slam.
- Will Clark breaking the RBI record in the NLCS in game 1.
- The Giants winning the game and then winning the series.

Go go to that first link I provided and lose yourself in the classic MLB games.

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  1. I know Cub fans who are still mad about this series.