March 26, 2013

Talkin' Sports: NL Central Preview

The Colonel and I are previewing each baseball division the only way we know how. By chatting. Here are the previous previews.

49er16: So with the Astros out of the NL Central and into the AL West, what team does the NL Central beat up on now?

The Colonel: Right now it's the Cubs. They're playing someone named "Wellington" because Randolph and Mortimer are too important to play baseball. Nate Schierholtz is their starting right fielder. Their future looks bright, but right now they look terrible on paper.

49er16: Dat stating rotation! Woof. A former Notre Dame receiver is their number one starter. They got some problems.

The Colonel: Are you still on the Pirates bandwagon? I know how much you love Cutch and the Pirates. Think this is finally the year they make it? I think so if they start calling up those great pitchers they have in the minors.

49er16: I think it all depends on what type of season Sterling Marte, Pedro Alvarez, and Neil Walker have. Cutch should do Cutch things, it's the rest of that lineup that needs to produce. Their pitching staff is steady if not underrated, but they need more from their lineup. Also I don't trust Clint Hurdle. He's reunited with Clint Barmas and if he sucks I don't see Hurdle pulling him. Like college basketball, there are certain managers I don't trust and Hurdle is one of them.

The Colonel: I am though looking forward to Hurdle becoming more and more purple until he finally become the Rockies mascot Dinger.

49er16: Is their a more uninteresting team right now than the Brewers? After Braun, I don't see one player on their roster that I'm just dying to watch. Maybe Gallardo and that's it. They seem to be another one of those teams stuck in neutral. (Update: This was written before the Brewers signed Kyle Lohse)

The Colonel: They traded too many pieces for 1 season of Fielder and came close. Last year they almost made the playoffs but ran out of steam at the end. I don't think they'll be bad, but I also don't think they'll be good either.

49er16: For their sake  I hope that bullpen isn't as bad as it was last season. They probably would have made the playoffs if that bullpen didn't take their gas cans and matches with them to the mound.

The Colonel: I love everything about the Cardinals except their middle infield. They're starting something at shortstop named Pete Kozma. No wonder there's been rumors of a Troy Tulowitzki trade. You'd think they would have drafted a better shortstop by now.

49er16: The Cardinals to me build the team the right way. Have a couple of players under long term deals, build around them players on 2 or 3 year deals, and players from the minors. Then you're never too old or young. They're not tied down to long term contracts like the Yankees. And they stay competitive because of this way of how they manage the team.

The Colonel: I love their approach to building teams. And they have the best farm system in baseball! I still don't get though how they couldn't find a shortstop who isn't Pete Kozma.

49er16: Even with our love of the Cardinals, it's still the Reds division to win right? They got rid of that strikeout machine Drew Stubbs and replaced him with Choo which I love. I expect Ludwick regression, but the rest of that lineup should be fine.

The Colonel: I love me some Reds. Votto, Phillips, Bruce along with Zack Cozart and Todd Frazier. Love that lineup.

49er16: What about the pitching staff?

The Colonel: Fuck Mat Latos!


  1. I still can't believe the Brewers signed Lohse. Fools.

  2. Pete Kozma will always be a hero to me for knocking out the Natinals last season.

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