March 27, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: NL West Preview

The Colonel and I are previewing the upcoming baseball season the only way we know how. By chatting. Here's the previous installments.

49er16: I'm not going to lie. I still love what Kirk Gibson did. Yeah sure, Martin Prado is a nice player but he isn't Justin Upton. I hope that team falls flat on their face with Gibson shitcanned after the year is over. Have all the "dirtdogs" you want, Gibby.

The Colonel: And now Adam Eaton is hurt. Speaking of Eaton, I don't get the love for him as a prospect. If you look at his numbers he's basically Angel Pagan, not some sort of Mike Trout clone like some people are making him out to be.

49er16: That pitching staff also looks like a big pile of meh. Ian Kennedy regressed, Trevor Cahill was terrible, Daniel Hudson was injured. All this being said, it wouldn't surprise me if Arizona won 90 games this year or 70.

The Colonel: Getting back to the dirtdogs, I love how Arizona is going to rely on Jason Kubel and Cody Ross as their corner outfielders. Sounds like a terrific plan! Also Willie Bloomquist is still their starting shortstop.

49er16: I gotta be honest, I have no idea what to make of the Padres? Their pitching staff also looks like a big pile of meh and two of their regulars aren't starting the season the roster (Headley and Grandal). They're still a pesky bloop team that should hit more home runs this year at home because the fences will be moved in. I still have no idea where they'll finish the season though?

The Colonel: They look like Arizona to me. They'll either finish with 90 wins or 70. That pitching staff though looks about as mediocre as you can get. Edison Volquez, Clayton Richard, Jason Marquis......woof.

49er16: They'll still beat the Giants a few times this year with dink and dunk hits like usual. That's as predictable as the Giants playing a crazy game in Colorado and then losing in the 15th inning.

The Colonel: Oh those games in Colorado. The Giants always have that one crazy game in Colorado where the Rockies score 7 runs in one inning, then the Giants come back and tie the game, and then they lose in extra innings. I'm already prepared for that game.

49er16: Speaking of the Rockies, have you ever seen a trade that is a disaster for both teams? That Ubaldo Jimenez trade has been bad for both teams. All the pitchers traded have been bad and the two pitchers the Rockies acquired looks like they'll start the year in the minors. What a disaster.

The Colonel: The Rockies have no idea what to do about their pitching situation. They've tried 4 man rotations, fired their pitching coach, acquired Jon Garland. They remind me of a kid who's gotten in trouble, is afraid to tell their parents, panics and lies, and the situation only gets worse.


The Colonel: The funny thing about the Dodgers is that they spent all this money and yet have Juan Uribe starting at third or short to start the season and they have zero depth. If a regular starter gets hurt on that team, then they're screwed. Their pitching staff is nice though even if Greinke is dinged up right now and that Japanese pitcher isn't as good as perceived.

49er16: The depth at pitching is great, but that lineup. Almost the entire infield is a big bag of suck while Ramirez is gone. The Dodgers are good, I'm just not buying them as this great team that's going to destroy the national league.

The Colonel: Oh I agree there. And don't forget that Don Mattingly is on the list of "managers you shouldn't trust."
/walks Pagan to face a scolding hot Marco Scutaro
//the move predictably backfires

49er16: And then there's the Giants? I'm not going to lie, I'm worried about the Giants keeping their 2012 roster intact. This move backfired in 2011, but as many people have pointed out they are younger than that team.

The Colonel: I don't get this fear that Scutaro is all of a sudden going to turn into a crappy player. Yes he won't hit like he did in the playoffs, but he's not going to fall off a cliff either. He's a patient batter who rarely strikes out. Those kind of guys can play forever.

49er16: What do you think happens with Lincecum this year? If he struggles do the Giants think about trading him since he's a free agent after this season?

The Colonel: I think Lincecum is the reason why they have looked hard at Chris Heston during spring training. Their gauging him in case Lincecum struggles and is either moved to the bullpen or is traded. As for what Lincecum will do this season, I personally think he's cooked as a starter. He doesn't have a fastball anymore and his off speed stuff just isn't fooling players anymore. I predict by June, Lincecum will either be traded to demoted to the bullpen.

49er16: This always makes a portion of the fanbase roll their eyes, but should there be concern about Sandoval? Is his weight really a concern or should we be more concerned that he's always injured.

The Colonel: The injuries is what scares me and I'm sure his weight is a part of the problem. I think a lot of Giants fans roll their eyes at #FatChat because deep down there is a worry about Sandoval. I mostly try not to think to much about Sandoval's future and just enjoy him right now.


  1. I still remember a Giants/Rockies game at Coors Field back in 2000 which I attended in person where Jeff Kent hit a fastball where it looked like he got jammed and it just kept carrying and carrying. The Giants were in 4th place at the time and drunken/tweaked out Rockies fans thought they were going to cruise to a playoff spot that year. No franchise can annoy me and make me laugh quite like the Rockies can.

    1. Jeff Kent hit a fastball where it looked like he got jammed and it just kept carrying and carrying.

      You still see home runs like this despite the humidor. What a joke.