March 25, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: NL East Preview

The Colonel and I are previewing the upcoming baseball season the only way we know how. By talkin'. Here's the previous previews

49er16: So the National League East. Most interesting division in baseball? I say yes because the Mets and Marlins are disasters you can't look away from. The Phillies are old. The Nats are rising. And the Braves are booming with Uptons.

The Colonel: The Phillies interest me. Will they finally play Dom Brown. Is Michael Young really cooked? What the hell is wrong with Halladay? Will they attempt to trade Howard, Utley, or Rollins if the season goes to shit? Will they try to trade Cliff Lee again? Is Cholly's job safe? Is RAJ's job safe? Interesting team because they're in a quasi transition.

49er16: They sorta remind me also of the mid-00's Giants. Except the Giants only had Bonds, the Phillies have multiple older players while not quite rebuilding or improving themselves. It will be interesting if they pull a Houston Astros and try to sell off parts to replenish the farm system.

The Colonel: Halladay is the interesting player on their team right now. He had a down year last season and hasn't looked good at all in spring training. Is he really declining as a player? Is this the end for the Doc? It wouldn't surprise me if he has another Doc season but it seems less likely.

49er16: How do you like the Braves? I love the Justin Upton move, BJ can get hurt and be frustrating, but man did they improve themselves. And we haven't even talked about Simmons at short yet and he was great in the World Baseball Classic.

The Colonel: The only thing I don't like about the Braves is Fredi Gonzalez. I also don't think that bullpen will continue to be awesome. They're due for some regression. Other than that though, I do like this club.

49er16: The other great team is the Nationals who are thankfully not holding Strasburg to that ridiculous innings count. They probably cost their team a playoff victory against St. Louis because of that.

The Colonel: Well I think their closer cost them that series but fuck him, he's a furd grad.

49er16: The only concern the Nats should have is massive regression from LaRoche. Other than that and they should be fine, shouldn't they?

The Colonel: They should be. Hopefully Harper doesn't have a sophomore slump and the pitchers continue their winning ways.

49er16: And there is the walking comedy known as the Miami Marlins and the New York Mets. I'm pretty sure these two teams were put on God's green earth to make us laugh. I especially love how the Marlins are now threatening to sue their own season ticket holders. Why not go to their houses, lite a bag of dog crap on fire, knock on the door, and then flee? What else do they need to do?

The Colonel: The next thing the Marlins owners should do is drain the fish tanks behind home plate and say, "they're conserving water". I'm sure that would get Jeff Passan to write a 2000 word column explaining why they're such cheapskates.

49er16: And there are the Mets whose outfield would be great in Triple-A.

The Colonel: That outfield.........................woof. That infield isn't much better.

49er16: I still love how the Mets gave oft-injured David Wright a huge contract but wouldn't give the reigning Cy Young winner R.A. Dickey a two year contract. Smart move there Mets.

The Colonel: Mets gonna Mets

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  1. The Piazza picture as a Marlin always cracks me up. He looks like he's about to cry.