March 11, 2013

Talkin' Baseball: Basebrawls, WBC, & Bunting

49er16: You see that brawl in the Canada-Mexico game? I love how everyone is blaming the tiebreaker rules for the reason for that fight. Not because you know Canada is actually full of dickheads. Mexico was already eliminated and the tiebreaker didn't matter. BUT LET'S BLAME THE RULES!

The Colonel: My favorite part was Alfredo Aceves going apeshit and looking to fight the entire Canadian team. If I made a bet before the WBC about which player would go crazy and look to brawl with everyone, I would have bet on him.

49er16: Well at least the WBC got their "Holy Shit" moment. Of course it had to be a brawl between two countries. At least the United States didn't get in the middle of it. HEY O!

The Colonel: These games are paced like a Red Sox-Yankees game. I know the pitchers are on a pitch count, but my God can they speed these games up a little. Don't let the relievers have warm up pitches or something. Each game is lasting for 3 and a half hours. That's way too long.

49er16: And none of the games have been that good because these teams have only played with each other for a week. So the play is really sloppy, the hitters aren't up to speed, and the pitchers can only go for so long.

The Colonel: Plus the tiebreakers are confusing. It would be better if there were more teams invited and this was a single elimination tournament.

49er16: Probably because of travel they don't want to do that. Also the factor that big teams like Japan and the United States could get eliminated early. It's a great idea though. I would be in all favor for it.

The Colonel: Did you listen to Marty Lurie's show after the Giants game on Sunday. He said something about how a bunt single is the most exciting play in baseball. I seriously felt like calling him and saying he's a fucking idiot. I wanted to break things listening to that.

49er16: For those who don't know who we're talking about let me give you a quick rundown. Marty Lurie hosts the pre and post game shows on the Giants flagship KNBR on the weekends. He's a former lawyer who's hosted a radio show for the A's or Giants the past 25 years. Marty is one of these old timers who tells great stories and is generally a good guy, but he loves some things that might make Jonah Keri's head explode. He loves the "art of hitting and bunting" and listening "to the sound of the bat when it hits the ball". He usually loves the suckiest players on the Giants like Hector Sanchez and Brett Pill. He usually thinks the Giants should trade for a player like Ty Wigginton. Like I said, good guy, a change of pace from the usual sports talk garbage but still he's goofy.

The Colonel: I'm pretty sure he faps to Tom Emanski videos. "That's how baseball is suppose to be played. IT'S BASEBALL!"

49er16: Lurie talking about bunting today did make my head spin. If a home run is like kissing Kate Upton, then a bunt single is like kissing your cousin on the cheek at a family reunion. It does nothing for you unless you're into the sort of thing.

The Colonel: Marty sure sounds like he's into that sort of thing. If Earl Weaver heard that conversation he would have dropped about 100 f-bombs on him and then kicked dirt on his Puma sneakers.

49er16: Yeah Marty must have never read Earl Weaver's book. Bunting is evil.


  1. Marty Lurie is like your uncle. You love his old stories but never really take him seriously.

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