March 12, 2013

Yes Mike, It's Wrong

Yesterday Percy Harvin was traded from Minnesota to Seattle. Harvin had an up and down career in Minnesota. When healthy he was one of the best receivers in the game. The key word there was "when". Harvin has spent a lot of time injured particularly with migraines. Well ole Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wondered out loud on Twitter if Harvin had been faking those migraines.

Um yes it is Mike. Sure I guess Harvin could be faking like he has a migraine but why would he go through the trouble to see a migraine specialist? Unless Harvin plotted this whole thing out like a villain!

Or Harvin really does suffer from migraines. My mother has suffered through migraines her entire life and from what she described to me what it's like to suffer through them, I doubt Harvin is faking them for some sort of advantage against the Vikings. I could see him milking a knee or arm injury, but not a migraine. So yes Mike it's wrong to wonder if Harvin was faking his migraines.

1 comment:

  1. Florio falls into that Paul Finebaum/Skip Bayless territory. He's just a troll looking for a reaction.