March 8, 2013

The Colonel and I's Players Extra Inning's Players

The Colonel and I yesterday gave you our Extra Innings Teams. Today we're going to give you our Extra Innings Players. There are certain players that we both have to watch because we enjoy their game so much. In basketball you have to see LeBron James. Well MLB is no different. Here's our Extra Innings Players:

The Colonel

Brett Lawrie- Looking at the numbers he had a pretty average season last year. ZIPS projections though see him having a big breakout year if he doesn't get suspended for throwing his helmet at a umpire.

Matt Moore- Once again you can't be a cool kid without watching the Rays and Matt Moore is the player everyone loves to talk about like he's the second coming of Sandy Koufax. ZIPS though says Moore will be a good pitcher, not great this season. I want to see if he's anything special like the sabermetrics guys says he is.

Jason Kipnis- I'm not going to lie. I've always enjoyed watching 2nd baseman play. Whether it's guys like Sandberg or Jeff Kent, I love 2nd basemen. Kipnis makes my list because he draws walks, hits for power for a 2nd baseman and plays about as mediocre of defense as you'll see. He's everything I want from 2nd base.

Josh Hamilton- I'm interested in Hamilton because he falls in what I call "the Vlad Guerrero category". He's a free swinger who I'm sure will fall off the cliff once his bat speed goes away. I'm interested in seeing if his bat speed goes away this season and he just becomes another player.

The Upton's- Did you know there are two brothers playing in Atlanta's outfield? I'm sure this storyline will annoy the hell out of you during the season but I'm interested in these two because expectations will be through the roof this year for them. The first thing they have to do is stay healthy.

Bryce Harper- While everyone was salivating over Trout, Harper had an outstanding year for the Nationals. He can hit for power and get on base. He plays sneaky good defense in centerfield. And he's a clown bro.

Allen Craig- Just signed a contract extension with the Cards because of his excellent year last season replacing Pujols. Craig is an above average player at getting on base and provides power for the Cards lineup. It also helps that he is a Cal grad.

Yonder Alonso- I wanted to choose players off the beaten path and Alonso is one of those players. He's another player who can reach base and create runs. Like all players though in Petco his power was muted but should improve this season.


Manny Machado- Made an impact when he was called up last season by the Orioles. Still though I worry about his poor OBP and his plate disciplined. He can hit for power, but he needs to be more selective with the pitches he see's.

Derek Jeter- Jeter has lasted as long as he have because he's been an on-base machine. I want to see though if injuries and age finally catch up to him and all he becomes is an on-base player and nothing else.

Justin Verlander- Nothing else to be said here except Verlander is a pleasure to watch.

Jesus Montero- Montero hit for power last season but that was pretty much it. He can't play defense at catcher. Very poor on-base percentage. Very poor plate discipline. If the Mariners want to contend in the future Montero has be a little more patient at the plate.

Jose Altuve- Anyone who doesn't like Altuve needs to be shot. He gets on base. He hits for as much power as someone his size can. He can fit in your back pocket. Seriously? What else do you need to know about him to love him like a son?

Jason Heyward- Bounced back big after a terrible 2nd season. Heyward in my opinion could be a MVP this season if he has a big year. He's about as complete a package as you're going to see.

Andrew McCutchen- The reason why I watch Pirates games to begin with. Cutch probably would have won the MVP last season if the Pirates didn't fall off the cliff. I expect another huge year from him.

Troy Tulowitzki- Injuries have plagued his career the past couple of years and now trade rumors are circling him. Tulowitzki is a fascinating player from the standpoint of when he gets on a hot streak, there isn't a better player in the league. Needs to stay healthy though.

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