February 10, 2013

Spring Is Coming

Yes I know the Northeast was pounded with snow this weekend, but I'm here to tell you that spring is around the corner with summer right behind it. This week pitchers and catchers begin reporting to their respective teams with full squads the couple of days later. On February 23rd I'll be listening to Jon Miller and Duane Kuiper calling the Giants first spring training game. There's hope around the corner.

This time of the year is always the pits sports related and you never realize it until the week after the super bowl. You wake up on Sunday morning yearning to take it easy, prepare for the upcoming work week, and then there's nothing on but basketball and hockey. I love those two sports but let's be honest, those sports this time of the year are boring. Both the NBA and NHL are usually at the mid point of their seasons and we're still a month away from the NCAA Tournament.

Baseball players though returning to spring training though gives us hope for the future. Pretty soon the NCAA Tournament will be played. Baseball will be back. The NHL and NBA will have their playoffs. And then we'll have another sports drought until the two footballs return.

Right now though all we have is the hope spring is returning and that our baseball teams will be good. Keep up the hope and make it through these next couple of weeks because the NCAA tournament is right around the corner.

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