February 13, 2013

MLB Network Goes Reality

I've complained here and various other places about my displeasure's with the MLB Network. I can't stand half of their hosts, it infuriates me that they don't show classic games, and it just boggles my mind that they would rather give that idiot Kevin Millar a full hour's worth of treatment instead of Brian Kenny's smart Sabermetric show.

Now the MLB Network is getting into the reality show market (Ugh). Oh sure the MLB Network has done reality shows before but they were following teams around or the Phillies bullpen. But as far as I know they haven't gotten into the reality contest game like they have with this new show called "The New Knuckler".

Tim Wakefield is taking former QB's Doug Flutie, Josh Booty, John David Booty, David Greene, and Ryan Perrilloux and teaching them how to throw a knuckleball. I'm sure a lot of people already know Doug Flutie, but you have to be a college football fan or a SEC fan to know who the rest of these guys are. I specifically remember Perrilloux as the guy who replaced Jamarcus Russell at LSU and then was kicked off the team. Pretty bad he got kicked out of LSU but not Jamarcus. Anyways here's a preview clip.

If that clip is as exciting as the rest of the shows, then I'm sure ten's of people will want to watch Doug Flutie float the ball to the catcher.

The MLB Network to me keeps on disappointing. They do fine coverage of the sport during the season but their offseason programming still needs major work. I'm less interested in David Greene throwing a knuckleball and more interested in classic games. I'm less interested in the Booty brothers and more interested in learning about sabermetrics from Brian Kenny. What I'm saying is the MLB Network is one disappointment after the other.


  1. And the classic games they do air are goofy games like this Phillies/Cubs game from May of '79:


    1. That's not a real classic game. That's just Costas and Verducci pontificating about the good ole days.