February 5, 2013

JR Smith Is Going To Give Mike Woodson A Heart Attack

The New York Knicks J.R. Smith is one of those basketball players you either love or hate. Between his antics and being apologetic gunner it's easy to hate Smith if you love the fundamentals of basketball. You might love Smith because he is a apologetic gunner who doesn't give a damn about fundamentals. Either way he's either loved or hated.

Last night Smith had a moment that will further deepen your opinion on him. Smith airballed a free throw. It was the kind of moment where you either laugh at him like his teammates or shake your head like head coach Mike Woodson.

Woodson shaking his head kills me every time I watch that video. You can take one look at that .gif and say, "J.R. Smith is going to give Woodson a heart attack one day." LONG LIVE J.R. Smith.

(Via The Basketball Jones)

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