February 27, 2013


Okay maybe it wasn't a true brawl, but there was some good pushing and shoving that spilled into the stands last night between the Indiana Pacers and the Golden State Warriors. David Lee and Roy Hibbert were the ones who started the pushing and shoving and Steph Curry was the one who landed in the stands. It's funny watching little Curry try and take on huge Hibbert in this video. Watch David get sent to his ass by Goliath.

This tussle honestly makes my eyes roll. Both of these teams have this fake tough guy thing going on that I just can't take seriously. For the Pacers it started last season when they played against the Heat in the playoffs. As for the Warriors it's even harder to take them seriously as a bunch of tough guys. This isn't the first time this season they have pissed off the opposing team while losing.

I'm sure there will be some suspensions to come out of this. I'm sure Hibbert and Lee will both get suspended for a game or two and maybe even Steph Curry.

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  1. Mark Jackson was a fake tough guy when he played. Not surprised his team is acting like him.