January 25, 2013

Worst Super Bowl Story Line Ever

On Monday I went over Super Bowl story lines that are sure to annoy everyone interested in the Super Bowl. I thought ESPN couldn't top themselves with Harbaugh Brothers and Ray Lewis story lines but of course they could. And of course it happened on that Skip Bayless huckster show First Take. Look:
When I first saw this it left my speechless. I mean seriously? Seriously? Seriously? I know I should never doubt First Take's ability to ask the ridiculous, but this is so over the top that it climbed Mount Everest. Only First Take producers could think of a question like that.

I doubt there is a story line that will ever top this made-believe story line First Take came up with. Bring on all the Harbaugh and Ray Lewis stories after this for I can forget it.

(Via Awful Announcing)

1 comment:

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