January 8, 2013

Talkin' Sports: College Football, Playoffs, & Virginia Beach

49er16: So do you wanna talk about last night's game?

The Colonel: Good job, good effort Notre Dame. Maybe next year boys.

49er16: Now we have to sit through another year of listening to how good the SEC is and how Nick Saban is the greatest ever. Ugh.

The Colonel: Saban is good, but let's be honest for a second. He's coached in an era where everything is in his favor. The SEC gets tickled by the BCS so Bama has been placed in that game for two years now just based on reputation.

49er16: The Seahawks are going to get thrashed sometime in these playoffs right? They (Richard Sherman) talk a lot of junk. Karma is going to get them eventually right? By the way, I have zero faith Atlanta beats them this weekend.

The Colonel: You would think the Seahawks are due for some karmic justice and hopefully it comes in the form of Bill Leavy. In all seriousness they're a very good team and I'm with you in that I don't trust Atlanta this weekend. If you look at Atlanta's schedule, it was weak and the teams that they played with any strength they played at exactly the right time like Denver at the beginning of the year.

49er16: I also don't trust Matt Ryan. Yeah he has the right receivers to face someone like Sherman, but still he gives me no reason to trust him.

The Colonel: I like Shanahan's excuse for keeping RG3 in the game. "Well I didn't get to examine his knee. How do I know he's hurt?" Well Dr. Shanahan when you see your quarterback visibly limping while trying to run then maybe it's a good idea to pull him from the game idiot. Only the Redskins could ruin someone like RG3. Hell they could ruin Santa Claus.

49er16: I just sat there in my home with my mouth open at the fact RG3 was out there in the 2nd half. He wasn't effective at all in the 2nd quarter and yet there he was. Also I'm pretty sure Shanahan isn't suppose to be the same color as the Redskins jersey's.

The Colonel: Shanahan looks like an Irishmen after one too many whiskey's. Half of Boston looks like him at Midnight every night. Trust me, I know. I've been too Boston after Midnight.

49er16: I'm worried the Niners will get destroyed this weekend. Rodgers and that Green Bay offense looks like it's clicking while the Niners defense is hurting. I just have a feeling this is going to be a blowout.

The Colonel: I've seen less surprising things. It wouldn't surprise me if this game turns into a Green Bay blowout or if the Niners win by the slimmest of margins. And the way these playoffs have worked out so far it wouldn't surprise me if this game is completely unwatchable. 

49er16: This morning Virginia Beach couldn't reach a deal with the Maloofs. I don't know what is more insane. George Maloof's burning desire to flee Sacramento? George Maloofs burning desire to find a city to give them a Jeffrey Loria/Mike Brown kind of stadium deal? Or the fact George Maloof was seriously considering Virginia Beach as a possible location for the Kings?

The Colonel: I will guarantee George Maloof has never even been to Virginia Beach because if he has he would never want to relocate there. Virginia Beach is a dump. It's a poor man's Atlantic City. There's no gambling and there are better beach opportunities than that place. The only "destination" to visit is the Lynnhaven Mall which is no different than the Roseville Galleria.

49er16: If they were more shrewd like Dan Snyder, they wouldn't be worrying about money and relocation.

The Colonel: As insane as that sounds it's pretty accurate. The Maloofs are like little kids when you give them money. Instead of investing in real estate, or stocks, or something that can make them money they invest in a start up Vodka company or a skateboard park. Like a kid taking all the money they have and going straight to a candy store.

49er16: And then they run to daddy (Virginia Beach /Anaheim) looking for more cash to buy more candy.

The Colonel: And when a real dad tells them to grow up (Sacramento/Kevin Johnson) they pout. I couldn't be happier at the fact they haven't gotten their way yet.


  1. You mean Pat Robertson's headquarters isn't the main Virginia Beach attraction?

    1. Once you go to The 700 Club, you don't come back.

  2. My simmering, if not boiling hot hatred for Shanahan is further solidified. Rot in hell, Mike!

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