January 15, 2013

Miami Marlins Host Job Fair, Shoo Away MLB Players

This story cracked me up on Big League Stew. The Miami Marlins will host a job fair for jobs pertaining to Marlins park such as event staff. While it's admirable the Marlins are looking to put people to work, I didn't see anywhere in that post where a MLB player could look for a job with the origination for a spot on the field.

The Marlins will be hosting a Job Fair on Tuesday, January 15th from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M. at Marlins Park, located at 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125. As the Marlins prepare for the 2013 baseball season, we are looking to fill numerous Event Staff and Part-Time positions.

 The Marlins, together with their partners Contemporary Services Corporation, Levy Restaurants and Pritchard Sports, will have several employment opportunities available, including Guest Services, Ticket Operations, Retail Operations, Premium Services, Event Services, Concessions, Grounds, Janitorial Services and Event Services.

The Marlins' objective is to continue to create an environment where a team of business professionals can perform to their full potential, generating economic growth, strength and contributing to the well-being of a diverse community
That last paragraph cracks me up. I'm still laughing at it right now. Who the fuck are they kidding? "A team of business professionals"? They can't even put a "team of baseball players" on the field without slashing payroll but they're going to hire people to man the swimming pool in centerfield. What a joke.

Also I love the "generating economic growth" portion of that paragraph. Loaria loves "economic growth" as long as that "growth" isn't seeping into the field for more than one season.

Once again kudos to the Marlins for hiring people in these times, but please leave out the terms "business professionals" and "economic growth". We already know you're a confederacy of dunces.

(Via @AnswerDave & Big League Stew)


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