January 15, 2013

ESPN releases The First Half Of Their Sunday Night Baseball Schedule

ESPN released the first half of their Sunday Night Baseball schedule (March 31st through July 21st) this morning. Here's the games scheduled:

March 31 Texas Rangers at Houston Astros
April 7 Los Angeles Angels at Texas Rangers *
April 14 Baltimore Orioles at New York Yankees
April 21 St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies
April 28 Atlanta Braves at Detroit Tigers
 May 5 Los Angeles Dodgers at San Francisco Giants
 May 12 Los Angeles Angels at Chicago White Sox
May 19 Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers
May 26 Atlanta Braves at New York Mets
July 14 St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
July 21 New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox

First off I'm surprised the Yankees only show up for 2 games while the Rangers are scheduled for 3 games. I'm surprised there's only 1 Yankees-Red Sox game (though I'm sure ESPN will air a couple Yankees-Red Sox games on Monday and Wednesday night). I'm surprised that most of the teams on the schedule don't play in the east. I'm surprised the Nationals won't be appearing.

I'm not surprised the Giants only receive one game though I am happy it's a Dodgers game. I'm also not surprised that ESPN is not showcasing any potential contenders like the Nationals or Rays.

All that being said, I can't really complain too much about the first half of the Sunday Night Baseball schedule. Besides the Rangers appearing three times, ESPN really did a good job of balancing the schedule and giving fans a taste of baseball in pretty much all the regions of this country. That being said though it wouldn't surprise me in the least if ESPN goes East coast heavy for the 2nd half of the schedule. With them being able to pick up games that aren't on TBS, I'll be surprised if they keep a balanced schedule for the entire year.

Also John Kruk is joining the TV booth this year. Yuck.

(Via ESPN media zone)


  1. I'm in shock ESPN actually scheduled the Orioles.

    1. Of course it has to be against the Yankees though at Yankee Stadium.

    2. Yeah. I was kind of hoping it would be against the Dodgers a couple of weekends after.