January 14, 2013

Talkin' Sports: NFL Playoffs

Via SB Nation
49er16: I can seriously watch that .gif forever and ever. Any time Pete Carroll loses, an angel receives it's wings.

The Colonel: I like how everyone was like "NATE SILVER WAS WRONG!". Sorry but not even Nate Silver can predict when Pete Carroll will do something dumb. Also I like how Carroll called a timeout to ice the kicker and then played dumb when the timeout was called. He truly is a kid.

49er16: That seems to be Carroll's MO. Act petulant when things are down. Look at his entire career with USC. Look at when someone dared to question him about Reggie Bush and improper benefits?  Acting like a child is pure Pete Carroll.

The Colonel: Both coaches in that game though should be ashamed of themselves. Mike Smith almost gave that game right back to Seattle with that onside kick. And Carroll was a disaster with his timeouts and clock management. Woof for both sides.

49er16: Kaepernick's performance on Saturday gave me goosebumps. Green Bay couldn't stop him with a cattle prod and butcher knife.

The Colonel: Green Bay couldn't stop anyone this year on the ground. I just hope the Niners remember Kaepernick can run when they play Atlanta next week.

49er16: Does that game scare you? Right now I'm really confident the Niners will win next Sunday but check back by the end of this week.

The Colonel: I honestly don't know how I should feel about Atlanta. They're maddening to watch. They look good, then they look bad, then Matty Ice throws an INT, then Mike Smith calls for an onsides Hail Marry.

49er16: To be honest I didn't watch enough Falcons games or highlights to know enough about them. Quiz Rodgers scares me because of what he used to do to Cal. Their receivers scare me because they're either fast or big or both. Matt Ryan on the other hand doesn't scare me at all. I feel like the Niners can win that game alone off of his turnovers.

The Colonel: I don't believe their defense will be able to stop Kaepernick for the entire game. Also based on the way they defended Zach Miller, I have a feeling Vernon Davis is going to have a good game.

49er16: They didn't cover Miller all fucking game. That was unbelievable.

The Colonel: That Broncos-Ravens game sure was a dandy. Everything I've said about Flacco would have been right if the Broncos safety would have just stayed back on that last play. Also Tim Tebow has more playoff wins with the Broncos than Peyton Manning. I take great pleasure in knowing that.

49er16: Well didn't we say the Broncos where going to receive some karmic justice for what they did to Tebow? Elway got what he deserves for jumping in bed with someone like Manning. Peyton is like a stripper. He's exciting at first but will always leave you broke, wet, and hard.

The Colonel: I did like the irony of Manning throwing an INT. Tebow isn't much of a quarterback, but he wouldn't have thrown an INT there. And you're right about Manning. He's like a stripper. The idea of a stripper is exciting, but there's no pay off at the end.

49er16: I'm already dreading the "Win it for Ray Lewis" headlines if they keep advancing. And I like Ray Lewis, but I don't want to hear about the people he ignored while they were being murdered, or about how he reformed his life, or his dance, or his leadership.

The Colonel: Well get ready for them. And if New England wins next week we get to hear about how Brady is the greatest athlete to ever wear Ugg boots.



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