December 11, 2012

Could The Big East Dissolve?

According to the Hartford Courant, The Big East catholic schools that don't have football programs could vote to dissolve the Big East and start their own basketball-only conference.

"The conference's seven non-football schools -- St. John's, Providence, Georgetown, Marquette, Villanova, Seton Hall and DePaul -- are said to be concerned about recent departures and have considered dissolving the league."

The Hartford Courant goes on to say that Big East commissioner Mike Aresco says this isn't true and that those schools are "committed" to going forward. Yeah sure they are. I'm sure St. John's is looking forward to a trip to New Orleans to play a basketball game that will probably have no meaning.

One thing that has been lost in all this conference realignment has been basketball, especially in the Big East. The Big East is desperate. They are losing schools left and right and they only have scrap heaps to choose from to add to their conference.

My favorite part of the Courant story is that the Big East wasn't very happy with either UCONN and Cincinnati when they weren't picked up by the ACC.

"The meeting came less than two weeks after Louisville's announced move to the ACC. UConn and Cincinnati were both vying for an invitation and both remain candidates if the ACC continues to expand or needs another replacement. quotes a Big East source saying the league was "not happy the way Cincinnati and UConn reacted to the news they were not selected by the ACC."

I can picture Aresco and the rest of the Big East schools now looking on like a disapproving parent at both UConn and Cincinnati as they pout about not being picked to join the ACC kickball game. "What do you mean we don't get to play and Louisville does?" Funniest part is Cincinnati tried to get Urban Meyer, a grad of that school, to lobby on their behalf to the ACC.

At the end of the day it wouldn't surprise me if we see super conferences in ten years with football and basketball teams along with non-football conferences for schools like St. John's and Seton Hall. Either way it's fascinating to see schools like UConn and Cincinnati try to claw their way out of a conference and then pout and whine when the ACC doesn't accept them.


  1. Just rename it Conference USA 2.0

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