December 10, 2012

Talkin' Sports: Boxing, 49ers, Cardinals, & College Basketball vs. NBA

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49er16: We're both not big boxing fans, but I'm pretty sure this brutal knockout to Manny Pacquiao will end all superfight talks between him and Mayweather.

The Colonel: Well I'm sure we'll here about them, but Manny won't be able to push for more money or not be able to be drug tested. Talks about their superfight will go on, but will they have the same meaning after this Manny KO?

49er16: Well that's my larger point. Do fans even want to watch a Mayweather-Manny fight after this KO? Personally I find Mayweather boring as hell to watch. He's smart in the ring and successful because of his style, but that doesn't mean I enjoy watching him.

The Colonel: I've stopped watching boxing after the heavyweights went away with Lewis' retirement. I am one of those people who only likes watching the heavyweights. Sue me.

49er16: How about them Niners? I see one big problem for them in the coming weeks. First they burn way too many timeouts quickly because Kaepernick doesn't get the offense to the line quick enough and audibles too much and penalties. These two things will hurt them in the playoffs.

The Colonel: Yeah it would surprise me if they made it to the NFC championship game. The penalties are killers and so is Kaepernick not getting to the line of scrimmage fast enough. Maybe they need to run a no-huddle?

49er16: I actually think that would solve some problems for them. Have Kaepernick call the plays from the line of scrimmage. How do you fix all the penalties though?

The Colonel: Well that's the thing. How do you solve the penalties? I don't think you can at this point. You just have to live with them and that's going to be a problem.

49er16: How about the ending of that Ravens-Redskins game. That had to be the most Ravens loss ever. And too boot they lost to RG3's backup who is also a rookie. Terrific job Ravens and oh this is why no one ever takes you seriously as Super Bowl favorites.

The Colonel: I can never take the Ravens seriously until either Flacco is gone or Cameron is gone or both. Really though I just don't trust Flacco. Him and Matt Ryan look like guys that should win Super Bowls, but there's just something not right there with both of them and I truthfully can't point my finger at what.

49er16: I know what you mean. There is something that is there for Flacco and Ryan compared to Big Ben or Eli or Brady. They both seem like they can't make the right play when the bread needs to be buttered.

The Colonel: Just a guess but I think this is a year Arizona Cardinals fans are going to forget quickly. My God those QB's they trot out there every week. It's like choosing between cyanide  a rope, or a gun to kill yourself with. I bet there are a lot of Cardinals fans who have that feeling.

49er16: I feel sorry for Larry Fitzgerald who is way too classy to ask for a trade out of that place. His prime is being wasted trying to catch balls from John "Red" Skelton. Pathetic.

The Colonel: I might be speaking out of turn here, but it appears to me the Sacramento Kings play a lot better without Tyreke Evans. I'm not the biggest NBA fan but after watching them demolish the Trail Blazers without Evans you would think they might put him on the open market.

49er16: I'm a die hard Kings fan so when any says anything bad about one of the members of the Kings, I want to kill that person. Over the last few years Bill Simmons has mentioned how much it looks like it must be un-fun to play with Evans. I hated Simmons for saying this but honestly he's looking more and more right as time wears on. Evans doesn't look that fun to play with because the Kings actually pass the ball when he's not there.

The Colonel: That's what I mean. I wonder if the Kings will try and trade him because they didn't extend his contract?

49er16: Speaking of basketball the Pac-12 once again looks horrible in basketball. Cal just lost to UNLV, UCLA looks like a tire fire, the two Oregon schools look good but they don't look tournament good. Arizona is the only team that looks competent with maybe Colorado.

The Colonel: College basketball as a whole looks terrible this year. Kentucky looks mediocre, ditto for North Carolina, NC State has underachieved this year so far, and there isn't that one standout player that you just have to watch. I might watch more NBA this year than college basketball.

49er16: I've been trending in that direction for a couple of years now. The NBA quite honestly interests me much more than the college game at the moment.

The Colonel: The college game has gotten really bad lately. The one-and-done rule combined with conference realignment has really watered that product down.


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