November 1, 2012

League Pass Teams

During this past baseball season when I had Extra Innings there were certain teams that I would like to watch. I kept a list in my head of the teams that I had to check out at least once a week from each division. Those teams were Rays, Orioles, Tigers, Rangers, Angels, Braves, Nationals, Cardinals, Reds, and Dodgers.

If you follow any number of NBA Twitter accounts you'll see this hashtag during the season #LeaguePassAlert. Like with the baseball, followers of basketball have a certain amount of teams they like to watch on a heavy rotation and alert their followers with that hashtag that something big is happening in that game. In honor of #LeaguePassAlert here are teams I'll be following closely during the NBA season.

Atlantic, Philadelphia & New Jersey Brooklyn: Any team Andrew Bynum is on has my interest. I swear Bynum was created as a science project to see if we can get an coach to kill himself on the sidelines. And then you have to remember Philly also has Kwame Brown, Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner, and Jrue Holiday. Thankfully for Doug Collins his hair is already white. And then there is Brooklyn who is trying to pretend that they are big boys now. I didn't add Boston to the list because I hate watching them play because of their methodical offense.

Central, Indiana & Cleveland: Chicago, like Boston, is one of those teams I hate watching. Their water pistol offense combined with their defense make them a hard watch. Cleveland has my attention because of Irving and Dion Waiters. Indiana has my attention right now because I want to see if they improved at all from last season. The rest of that division is pretty meh.

Southeast, Miami: It's Miami and everyone else in the Southeast. Washington will be terrible. Atlanta, Charlotte, and Orlando are rebuilding. It wouldn't surprise me if Miami is the only team that leaves this division for the playoffs.

Southwest, Every Team: I know, I know. Choosing every team is a cop out, but look at that division. Every team is intriging based on New Orleans picking Anthony Davis and Houston trading for James Harden. Then you have Memphis and the crazy lineup they throw out there every night. You have both San Antonio and Dallas with superstars who are at the end of the line and whether or not they're still hungry for another title. Yes every team in the Southwest are interesting.

Northwest, Every Team: Ditto for the Northwest division except Minnesota won't be interesting until both Rubio and Kevin Love return which won't be until December. So you can knock them off the list for now. Still you have OKC and whether or not there will be a drastic difference without Harden. Portland was made interesting with just the addition of Lillard (who destroyed the Lakers last night). Denver is interesting because they have no true superstar. Utah is even interesting because of the talent they have acquired the past couple of years.

Pacific, Golden State, Clippers, & Lakers: The Lakers will always be interesting no matter who is on their team. The Clippers are interesting because despite having great talent, they still have a trainwreck of a coach leading them. Golden State is on my list because I'm not in their market and I want to see if Bogut and Curry can stay healthy. Also Klay Thompson is the most interesting player in the league that no one has heard of besides Warriors fans and NBA geeks.

Who's on your list?

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