October 2, 2012

The Pirates Death Montage

Anyone who has read The Colonel and I's 'Talkin' Baseball' posts over the year know I rode the Pirates bandwagon. Actually I rode both the Pirates and Orioles and would jump ship or jump back on ship at a moment's notice because that's what a bandwagon jumper does. Well I jumped off the Pirates bandwagon for good back in August when the Reds started leaving them in the dust and eventually the Cardinals and Brewers would pass them as the Pirates clinched their 20th consecutive losing season this past weekend. Here's a bloody and horrible death montage of the Pirates from the past 20 years.

Yep that right, there have been 6 presidential election cycles (including this year's) since the Pirates had a winning record. There have been four expansion teams join baseball since the Pirates last winning record and all four teams have made it to the World Series with two of the teams winning a championship. Pretty sad isn't, it?

In that video it shows the Pirates beating the Giants and securing first place before the All-Star. I distinctly remember that series and road trip because the Giants played like crap in both Washington and then Pittsburgh (Giants only 1 game on that trip). If you would have told me then the Pirates wouldn't even have a winning record by the end of the year I would have called you crazy. So yeah it's been a depressing year for the Pirates.

(Via Sports Grid)

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