October 1, 2012

Talkin' Baseball: Thinking Playoffs

49er16: Pirates :(

The Colonel: I knew this was going to happen to you. You got your hopes up about the Pirates and they once again clinched a below .500 record for the 20th straight year. You really set yourself up for disappointment there buddy.

49er16: I know. I just don't want to see the Cardinals in the playoffs again but they're being chased by the Dodgers. Quite the double edged sword there.

The Colonel: It's definitely a double edged sword. We both hate the Dodgers, but the Cardinals still have LaRussa stink all over them. I'm pretty sure David "Grit" Eckstein in on their team and if he isn't, he's lurking right around the corner.

49er16: I'm already dreading the million pitching changes Matheny will make during the Braves-Cards play-in game. You know it's coming and you know the Cardinals will dink and dunk the Braves to death for the victory.

The Colonel: Oh I'm already fearing a game-winning hit by Daniel Descalso. You know it's coming.

49er16: Can you believe that collapse by the White Sox? They were leading the AL Central at the beginning of the month and are now another loss away or a Tigers victory from watching the playoffs at home. What a stunner.

The Colonel: The 2012 White Sox reminded me of the 2010 Padres. They were mostly smoke and mirrors all year long and they finally ran out of steam at the ending. Now can we please stop talking about the AL Central?

49er16: Okay we'll move on. The most compelling race of the year will be between Baltimore and New York. They're tied for the division lead and I'm pretty sure neither of them want to face the A's in the postseason play-in game.

The Colonel: The A's have bullpen depth and can hit home runs with ease. I doubt any team in the AL wants to play them.

49er16: The Red Sox get to play spoilers this year but you know they'll just roll over like dogs just to stick it to Bobby V.

The Colonel: That would be the Orioles luck. They have to play a dangerous Tampa Bay team in that dome while the Yankees get to play a lousy Red Sox team that just wants to end the season and go play golf. Also you gotta love Bobby V saying he thinks he'll be back with the Red Sox while the Red Sox GM is like "LOL NO".

49er16: Bobby V is like "yeah I expect to be back" while everyone is just shaking their heads. Uh Bobby you'll be lucky if he get a gig managing a Japanese team again.

The Colonel: Whatever delusional land Bobby V lives in, I want to be a part of it. My delusional land would be filled with beautiful women and oceans filled with beer.

49er16: My delusional land would be filled with girls, beer, and Boog Powell BBQ. And the voice of God would sound like Hank Greenwald.

The Colonel: Good choice with Hank Greenwald. My life really hasn't been the same since Larry Baer chased him out of San Francisco for having the gall to criticize Bonds.

49er16: Yeah we know Giants fans that Greenwald's firing lead to the hiring of Jon Miller. Kiss off, we still love Hank.

The Colonel: Getting back to our original point, my eyes will definitely be glued to the AL East battle between Baltimore and New York. I'm sure the MLB Network will show all the Yankees games while pretending the Orioles don't exist.

49er16: Ray Ratto complaining about the MLB Network showing a Yankees-Blue Jays game while Homer Bailey was throwing a no-hitter was the best. And he's right though. MLB owns that network but they treat themselves like they're the Yes Network.

The Colonel: I love how the MLB Network went from this great network to just a bunch of countdown replays and Yankee games. They're no different from ESPN.

49er16: The Baltimore-Tampa Bay games will have my full attention. That should be really good. Hopefully this comes down to the last day.

The Colonel: I have a bad feeling we'll see a lot of crying Orioles fans if it comes to the last game of the year.


  1. Hank Greenwald was the best but he was always destined to be fired. He always spoke his opinion and you knew it was going to bite him in the ass eventually.

  2. MLB Network is the worst. I can't stand the mixed in crowd noise as their dopes in the studio try to do game commentary during cut-ins. It's as bad as NBC's Victor Cruz salsa music.

    1. It wouldn't be that bad if those idiots Plesac and Reynolds weren't the late crew.

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