September 27, 2012

The Must List: Week 5

I was about to complain about this week's slate of games being terrible, and they certainly are, but then it dawned on me that this is a very weak year for college football. I've heard a lot of people say this year is like 2007. While 2007 was fun, it was a weak year for college football (remember when a two-loss LSU played a two-loss Ohio State for the national championship?). So yeah this is a weak year for college football. Will I enjoy it? Yes, but I like it better when there are more than one team that is a national title contender. I also enjoy it when there are more than a handful of games that look interesting.

September 27th (All Times Eastern)
Stanford at Washington, 9:00 (ESPN: Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, David Pollack, Samantha Steele) I'm still bitter at Washington for hiring Cal's recruiting coordinator Tosh Lupoi and then stealing all of Cal's recruits this past offseason. So I want to see Washington die a thousand deaths. I want that lake they play next to catch on fire. I want them to be miserable and realize they play in a cesspool known as the Northwest. I haven't been this bitter towards a team since the stupid rally monkey Angels in 2002. In essence, FUCK WASHINGTON.

September 29th
Baylor at West Virginia, Noon (FX: Justin Kutcher, Eric Crough, Darius Walker) This is quietly the most exciting game of the day. Both of these teams can score loads of points (Baylor has surprised me with the fact they can still score even though RG3 is gone) and score very quickly. Watch this game if you want to see what a video game looks like.

Arkansas at Texas A&M, Noon (SEC Network: Dave Neal, Andre Ware, Cara Capuano) You know this is a weak slate of games when I pick this game as a "must watch". Here my defense for selecting this game, I like watching train wrecks and Arkansas is a train wreck into a pool of gasoline right now.

Tennessee at Georgia, 3:30 (CBS: Verne Lundquist, Gary Danielson, Tracy Wolfson) I thought Tennessee would be better this year but then they looked like crap against Florida in the 2nd half a couple of weeks ago. And Georgia you never know what you're going to get. They could be great, they could look like crap. This game could be slower than pond water. This game could have a quick tempo. I believe though by the 2nd quarter we'll know who will win this game.

Ohio State at Michigan State, 3:00 (ABC: Brent Musburger, Kirk Herstreit, Heather Cox) This is your Musburger/Herstreit game of the week. Seriously. A game between two mediocre Big Ten teams including one who isn't even eligible for a bowl game this season.

Texas at Oklahoma State, 7:30 (Fox: Gus Johnson, Charles Davis, Julie Alexandria) I actually haven't had a chance to see Texas this year play. Oklahoma State is clearly missing Brandon Weeden because they have already lost to Arizona. One guarantee though about this game is that there should be points scored.

Wisconsin at Nebraska, 8:00 (ABC: Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge, Holly Rowe) And the game to top off the steaming pile of dung known as the week 5 slate of games is a mediocre Nebraska team hosting a mediocre Wisconsin team. Wisconsin is finding out the hard way this year that not every former ACC quarterback is going to succeed.

Alcoholic Beverage of the Week, Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale: This isn't so much of a beer choice as it is a statement about how I find it incredible that Sierra Nevada Brewery is a national brewery now. Sierra Nevada is based in Chico, California and it's hard to believe anything outside of Aaron Rodgers has made it out of Chico. But this brewery has and I find it to be amazing*.

*I also think Sierra Nevada beers are disgusting and have no clue why people think they are such a tremendous brand.

Recipe of the Week, Pretzel: How about a warm, delicious pretzel for your recipe of the week? I dunno man this week's slate of games just depresses me so you get a depressing recipe of the week.


  1. Other famous residents of Chico,CA:

    Pat Gillick, Kyle Lohse, and Jackson Pollock.

    Take Georgia. They're going to stomp Tennessee.

    1. Kyle Lohse is not from Chico. He was born at the Enloe Hospital in Chico but raised in Ord Bend and went to high school in Hamilton City. Which is all located near Chico, but he wasn't a resident.

    2. There were a million of those Lohse kids. My high school would play Hamilton City and there was a different Lohse kid every year.

    3. His cousin Michelle was beautiful. Just a stunner especially in volleyball shorts.

  2. Whiskey-Nebraska with really shitasic (i. e. bad) unis this Saturday night. When did Domino's Pizza's Noid become a uniform designer?

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