May 23, 2011

Baseball Update: Week 9

"Dat Dude" Sounds Like a Good Guy: "Dat Dude" I'm talking about is Brandon Phillips. Cardinals fans might not think Phillips is great guy, but Phillips did do a great think this past week. During an off day, a fan asked Phillips if he would show up at his little league game via Twitter. And Phillips showed up!
No, for proof of that, we turn to a Little League field in West Chester, Ohio, on a Thursday afternoon earlier this month. A 14-year-old named Connor Echols had tweeted Phillips on the Reds' day off and told him he should come watch his team, the Cincy Flames. Phillips tweeted back, asking for the address, but the kid didn't think an appearance was really possible until he saw Phillips strolling over to the field.

"Brandon!" Connor yelled from the dugout. "It was me! I'm the one who tweeted you!"

Phillips took in the entire game, in which Connor went 3-for-5 in a 13-2 win. He met all of Connor's teammates and their parents, watched the kids grab their postgame oranges and turkey sandwiches and felt like a kid himself again.
Oranges and turkey sandwiches? What happened to the days when you would get the ticket to the snack shop and you would get nothing but candy? What is happening to our youth? What kind of communist country do we live in if we are feeding children oranges and turkey sandwiches after little league games? ANSWER ME! Oh yeah, Brandon Phillips sounds like a nice guy.

How Slow Are the San Francisco Police?: In this video it takes the San Francisco police a minute and ten seconds to finally arrest this guy on the field. (This happened last season, I just found the video.)

Things the SFPD were doing before finally running onto the field.  1. Eating garlic fries 2. Drinking a Gordon Bierch Beer 3. Finishing writing all the names on their scorecard 4. Take a trip down the coke slide 5. Buying a Posey jersey in the dugout store 6. Feeding seals 7. Hitching a ride on a rickshaw 8. Chatting with Kruk & Kuip 9. Singing "Lights" 10. Waiting for the old man balldude to finish his stretching

Chase Utley Returns Tonight So The Rest Of The NL East Should Concede the Division To Philadelphia:  Chase Utley returns tonight which means Florida and Atlanta should just give up on the season. Hey the Marlins and Braves had a nice season, but the rightful kings always deserve the top spot. Especially when they have OMG Halladay and OMG Lee. Peons south of the Mason Dixon line should just go to the back of the line just like the peons west of Harrisburg.

How The Hell Does BABIP Work?: I once did a feature on various Sabermetrics explaining their basic use. I even once described what BABIP is. Fangraphs though is better at explaining BABIP than myself and they did it today. A quick reminder about BABIP, it's the stat that basically explains how lucky you are at hitting or pitching. In this article though, Fangraphs talks about how they are changing how you talk about BABIP. Instead of using a decimal point, example Matt Joyce has the best BABIP at .410, you use this number as a percentage. Matt Joyce's BABIP is 41%, meaning 41 percent of Joyce's balls for hits. Easier to understand now?

Power Rankings!: Grant Frisbee Brisbee of Baseball Nation does these little power rankings each week. Grant thinks he's very clever so this week he did a power rankings of the most annoying players/broadcasters/whatever with AJ Pierzynski as number one. I respectfully disagree. His eighth ranked player, Shane Victorino, should be number one. Victorino likes to touch people's junk while sliding into second base. Shane Victorino likes to pretend he's Willie Mays, except he's a complete failure. Shane Victorino's face looks like a rectum. Vote Shane Victorino number one!

Fred Wilpon Is Old: Seriously look at this picture of Fred Wilpon in the New Yorker. Wilpon looks like a turkey vulture sitting with David Wright and Jason Bay. Oh yeah, he's broke. That article will definitely make you think twice about giving money to another investor again. And also he thinks David Wright and Jose Reyes suck. Did I mention he's also old?

WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN THIS BLOG BEFORE?!?!: Anyone who reads this blog knows I have a weird fascination with Ozzie Guillen. Seriously though, who isn't fascinated by Ozzie Guillen? Check out this tweet by the guy and tell me another manager who talks like that on Twitter? Could you imagine Jim Leyland on Twitter saying "Good shit Chris Rock. U are funny." Could you imagine Jim Leyland on Twitter? Please save me your Joe Maddon nomination as the most fascinating manager in baseball. Maddon is a wine drinking, hair coloring snob. Ozzie runs circles around Maddon.
That's why I'm disappointed in the fact that I'm just now finding out that Ozzie Guillen is a part of the MLB blogging network. Yes, Ozzie Guillen has his very own blog! Psh please, it's the best blog in the entire world. Your blog and mine are now invalid.